A friend tweeted a link to this AAP/NZ Herald story about research into coffee drinking, with the ALARMING headline… Coffee quaffers face increased death risk: study

As someone who, from long years of practice, knows how to repeatedly give up drinking coffee (i.e. I’m imbibing again, at present) reading it made me queasy — but not for the obvious reasons.

No, it was the terrible inconclusiveness of the ‘study’ typified by this statement about the (supposed) increased mortality of ‘heavy’ coffee drinkers:

“It could be the coffee, but it could just as easily be things that heavy coffee drinkers do,” says The University of Queensland’s Dr Carl Lavie.

Wha? The whole article is a bit like that, with a double-mindedness that makes me (a) laugh and (b) think it shouldn’t have been reported. That line, “It could be the coffee …” Well! Spare me.

Read it at NZ Herald … and see what you think.

– P