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Goosebumps! Morgan James slam dunks another big song

Wow. Again. I remember being struck by this talented vocal artist Morgan James, and her wonderful self-awareness when I bought her album Hunter (we used do that, remember? Before streaming). I posted a nice video (which still works!) at this post: Wow. The talented and likeable Morgan James. The last line she speaks in the […]

Alec and Sierra ‘Animals’

I loved this couple when they won X-Factor USA. This is from their 2016 album ‘As Seen On TV’. Cool. Sadly for fans like me, they announced in September this year that they’ve decided to stop being a group, after ending their romantic relationship some time earlier. Too bad, but one has to respect their […]

New single from Kimbra

I like virtually everything this young artist delivers, as we have discussed. I could even see the (cough) good side of her ‘More than a bum’ soft sell video mockumentary ad for Wrangler jeans. Here’s her latest …

Nice insight into the woman who is ‘Christine and the Queens’

As I noted earlier, I’m impressed with this young French artist: pop musician and dancer Christine and the Queens (see: Tilted – Christine and The Queens). This short Channel 4 news interview is a delight … discussion ranging from who she honours in her stage name, snippets of her life story, deceitful use of Photoshop (one […]

Tilted – Christine and The Queens

Spotted on Graham Norton… Wow. Opening lyrics … I’ll die before Methusalah / So I’ll fight sleep with Ammonia And every morning with eyes all red / I’ll miss them for the tears they shed But I’m actually good / Can’t help it if we’re tilted …

Wow. The talented and likeable Morgan James

I’m really pleased to have stumbled across this performer, Morgan James. See if you enjoy watching her introduce herself in this feature below, as I did, so much … The last few lines (and the last line in particular) declare such self-awareness, it gave me goosebumps. Here she proves it’s true … Good on her. I’ve […]

Dedicated to no-one in particular …

‘Cool Kids’ by Echosmith — on Jimmy Fallon’s show (Update: that Jimmy Fallon link ‘expired’, so here’s a new ‘live’ version… albeit somewhat tightly produced & cut … I really did like the Fallon show live version) ‘Official’ music video here

Yellow Flicker Beat – live

This is impressive. One impressive ‘Australasian’. 🙂 Has Lorde got any imitators yet? Seems to me she is a hard act to ‘follow’. So distinctive. – P

O Mary!

U2 has been in the news lately … which reminded me of  Mary J Blige …

‘Scarecrow’ by Alex and Sierra

Boy, I’ve been looking forward to hearing what this heart-warming couple comes up with … Very nice. – P Acoustic version here, which I actually prefer.

Laid-back Tennis Court – Lorde (Diplo’s Andre Agassi Remix)

Gerry Leonard guitarist

After watching that guitarist with Suzanne Vega in yesterday’s post about her new album, Tales From the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles, I got thinking, Gerry Leonard … Gerry Leonard … hmmm … and look: Aha! He’s David Bowie’s guitarist/collaborator on The Next Day, Bowie’s excellent album released in 2013 (discussed here and here: […]

New Suzanne Vega

I just got Suzanne Vega’s new album Tales From the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles (iTunes… it’s very good — my early favourite track: ‘I Never Wear White’) … it led me to visit her website where this video NPR Tiny Desk Concert from a few days ago features as news. I enjoyed it, […]

This is so cool

How cool. I bet any kids who dissed her at school are feeling dumb now …

Lorde – Royals – Later… with Jools Holland – BBC Two

Cool! -P