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What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing.

Twitter was … atwitter today about an [alleged] ‘selfie’ by Bill Clinton (below) which Bill Gates tweeted: A @billclinton selfie from #CGI2013 as we sat down to talk for an upcoming @WIRED story. — Bill Gates (@BillGates) September 24, 2013 Now, I saw it and my first thought was: Gee — why isn’t it […]

‘The problem with any ideology’ — Bill Clinton

I heard this in Bill Clinton’s interview with Jon Stewart 20 Sept 2012 talking about finding solutions for economic challenges. ‘The problem with any ideology is it gives you the answer before you look at the evidence. So you have to mould the evidence to get the answer that you’ve already decided you got to […]

Bill Clinton’s still got the shine. Unlike some.

I’m too young to have observed at first hand the way the US media was [supposedly] swept up in a love affair with John F Kennedy. Sure, I’ve read contemporary accounts like LIFE magazine fawning over the Kennedys etc, and looked at the phenomenon historically, but that ain’t the same. As an observer I was […]