The net catches all sorts

No big outrage:

Received today through the Empower Education feedback form … which asks for feedback in these terms:

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We value your feedback.
Please let us have your advice on features, content (and any bugs!). Use the following form to contact us with any questions, comments or requests. And use it if you’d like to contribute a Review on one of our resources or events.

But what did we get today? Another attempted example of the shallow SEO manipulation that Google’s search algorithms have to cope with/see through and discount

Title: Mr
First Name: Dorian
Last Name: l
E-Mail Address: dorian.lyndsey@ [domain-1]
Review/Comments: Link Manager:

My name is Dorian and I am the link database manager for [snip]. I am writing to let you know I have added a link to on my site.

In order to make this link a permanent addition to my website, I would like to request that you add a reciprocal link back to my site on a page cached by Google. My linking information is as follows:

URL: [domain-2]
Anchor: Debt Consolidation Financing
Description: Isn’t it time you refinanced to consolidate debt?

Your link is listed as:
Title: Empower Education — Empowering You For Success
Description: Empower Education: First for Financial Education. Look here for tools and resources to help you and your family achieve your goals

This is a Triangular exchange, so your link will continue to reside at the following location:


If you feel that any of the verbiage needs adjustment just let me know and I will make the changes right away. [Comment: verbiage??? … defined as: ‘Speech or writing that uses too many words or excessively technical expressions’? Charming.]

Please get in touch with me as soon as you have posted my site details on a links page that is cached by Google. The process I have developed for adding/maintaining links is highly automated and the database will remove your link in two weeks unless I specify the location where my reciprocal link can be found. Once I have verified that a reciprocal link is in place, I will designate your site as a permanent addition to my link library where it will remain until you tell me to remove it.

Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you!

SEO Manager

Thanks for the offer Dorian, but I don’t know you or your client. Why would I vouch for you?