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I was browsing an old discussion thread at PropertyTalk Internet Marketing Consultants – suddenly there are so many…. to check when I first expressed, let’s call it ‘skepticism’ about Shaun Stenning/Geekversity (Answer: June 2009) … since I mentioned that here when discussing how his ex-business partners are NOW blowing the whistle on him.

It was a long and very interesting discussion thread (ahem) if I say so myself (48 posts. Who, me?) … And it’s still on display.

Anyway, poster HermanZ shared a passage of text, which I enjoyed at the time and still love…

It is written thus. . .
Good Book of BillyG 2.0 — Chap 4: The Siliconites

v12 And in the millenium after the big tribal wars there will grow a tree whose branches will spread to all the homes of all the people in all the lands. The people will talk on this Babel tree and learn to understand each other, some will use the tree to overthrow oppressive governments, others to warn of coming armageddon.

v13 Some will gather their followers into groups and gather their information unto themselves, this will be their base data. They will hone their skills, offering their followers books, steak knives and the odd property tip and they will become known as the Walletsuckers. The Walletsuckers will spend countless hours at Greek University improving their skills and bragging about the size of their members data.

v14 Yeah it will come to pass, and the world will be divided into Wallettsuckers and their numbered data bits. . . and verily on a clear windless night when the stars are bright the sound of wallet sucking will be like the roar of chariots on the roads out of Jerusalem on a Friday afternoon.

This much I say unto you.


Go forth and prosper

Isn’t that brilliant?
“the sound of wallet sucking will be like the roar of chariots”
Yeah. That’s just how it is, y’all.
– P