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‘Dead man waddling’

This line from an Esquire Politics Blog by Scott Raab, Why Christie Now Has Nothing to Lose, (and the Chris Christie Countdown Clock image) show how personally punishing US political media commentary can be. That’s its nature at times — a whirling clobbering machine, standing ready to attach clichéd labels. As for Christie, he’s a dead man waddling, […]

Depression is real stuff

From an excellent profile of the awesomely good Rachel Maddow ‘Rachel Maddow’s Quiet War’ in the June Rolling Stone magazine: “Yesterday was like a four-star show, I was totally into it,” she says. “Today and Monday – like, blaagh. Like, doesn’t get any worse. I’ve been doing this for four years! Why do I still […]

Speaking what seems to be true re CNN & Tea Party Express

Impressive and worth watching — Rachel Maddow on CNN’s decision to air what they (CNN) described as the ‘OFFICIAL Tea Party response’ to Obama’s State of the Nation speech: CNN presented an alternate reality of their own making, one in which their debate partner officially speaks for the Tea Party and in which the Tea Party […]

Mow-tee-vay-shuns – ‘It gets a ratings spike’

In, once again (remember the full page ad?), dismissing talk of her jumping the fence and running for office, journalist, Rhodes Scholar and doctorate in politics from Oxford, my hero Rachel Maddow gave an insight into what she called ‘opinion-driven news’, and the motivation of, let’s call it ‘erratic’ behaviour. (Think talkback radio hosts, and […]

In a nutshell: a matter of trust

This small comment, in the middle of an article discussing Facebook privacy, explains what’s actually lost when certain spruikers (you know who I mean) expand their hyperbole and ‘puffery’ into potentially misleading claims … and then their offerings disappoint repeatedly, as in the case of some whose activities I have highlighted here. “They’ve lost the […]

How liars deal with a challenge

Rachel Maddow telling the truth to Bill O’Reilly … gee she’s good at this stuff! Spot the pattern: Rather than contribute to a debate about ‘the facts’ Maddow asserted about him and Fox News, (e.g. ‘This is why what she’s saying is wrong…’) Bill O’Reilly merely whacked Maddow’s sincerity (‘you have to be kidding’) and […]

I heart Rachel Maddow … trying to increase the cost of lying

Remember the full page ad she took out to say it wasn’t true? He’s apparently still saying it is. So, Rachel Maddow let Scott Brown have it straight … You [Senator Brown] made something up that’s not true. You have such a lack of respect for your conservative donor base around the country that you […]

Nice writing on a smear campaign

MSNBC took out a full-page ad in Friday’s Boston Globe for a ‘letter’ from their talk show host Rachel Maddow to her fellow Massachusetts citizens. This was a response to Senator Scott Brown’s claims (in an effort to raise money, apparently) that she is planning a run against him in 2012. Her letter contains some […]