Tell me again, Rachel Maddow. (image Huffington Post)

In, once again (remember the full page ad?), dismissing talk of her jumping the fence and running for office, journalist, Rhodes Scholar and doctorate in politics from Oxford, my hero Rachel Maddow gave an insight into what she called ‘opinion-driven news’, and the motivation of, let’s call it ‘erratic’ behaviour.
(Think talkback radio hosts, and their various attention-seeking stunts.)

From Huffington Post:

Rachel Maddow threw cold water –yet again– on a potential run for the Senate in Massachusetts during an appearance at Harvard University on Sunday.

Maddow, who lives in Western Massachusetts when not in New York filming her cable news show, was giving a speech at the Kennedy School of Government, and was asked whether she would consider running against Republican Scott Brown at the 2012 elections.

“There’s a reason people in opinion-driven news flirt with running for office,” she said, according to the Boston Herald. “It gets a ratings spike.” To press the point further, Maddow stressed that she will “never” be a politician.

The pursuit of a ratings spike. Oh yes. That explains a lot.

If you haven’t yet, the recent conversation between Maddow and Jon Stewart on media, politics & satire is available — as a raw interview here. Worth a look. 49 mins.