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Still one of my favourite photos of John Banks

So, facing trial for offences against the Electoral Act (no pun intended) John Banks is bowing out. See: Banks shuffles towards retirement No retrospective view of his career would be complete without mention of the now infamous ‘cup of tea’ with John Key at Newmarket’s Urban café. I was lucky enough to get a […]

Two comedians speak up against animal testing

The ACT Party’s sole MP John Banks faced mockery and disrespect for his stand against animal testing in recent Parliamentary debate about amendments to the Psychoactive Substances Bill. Some people questioned his sanity or his social policy ‘priorities’. That’s a pretty harsh assessment, I thought when I heard it, but fair enough. Fair comment. A […]

The ACT Party’s “rejuvenation”.

For some reason, listening to the ACT Party leader John Banks spouting slogans on Focus on Politics prior to the Party’s Saturday conference in art lover Alan Gibbs’ barn, I thought of this surrealist painting. What hope has ACT got of “rejuvenation” with John Archibald Banks (66) as their leader? His kind of political pragmatism […]

I guess it’s too late for Mr Key to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority …

Sorting out some pix from the General Election campaign this afternoon, and found … remember this?: “A vote for me helps John Key” Oh boy. – P

#PlanetKey OPEN MOCKERY continues, corroding the Teflon

Trust Steve Braunias … The secret diary of … Planet Key (click) In which Braunias delivers a poke of (well-deserved?) ridicule and indignity to the Prime Minister’s ‘Planet Key’ clanger. I wonder if Mr Key or his advisors sense yet how complete the appearance of tone-deafness was in his juxtaposing a ‘Nirvana’ of abundant golf […]

John Banks and Word of the Day

See TV3: Banks accused of lying about donations in which Mr Banks delivers an impromptu statement to the news media. By coincidence, this was today’s Word of the Day from Anu Garg  … appearing in my in-box at 4:12 this afternoon. MENDACITY. – P See also: TV3 — Parliament fired up over Banks donations

Oh, for a straight answer to a straight question

John Key delivered a good performance on TVNZ’s Q&A current affairs programme this morning — UNTIL he was asked about John Banks.* You can watch the interview here at TVNZ on demand (17 mins) And here is the audio of the 3 minute section where interviewer Shane Taurima asked about Mr Key’s standards for his […]

Is John Key ‘hugging a corpse’? Does he have a choice?

It’s an ugly phrase, ‘hugging a corpse‘. I remember reading it a while back in relation to political management. A quick web search popped it up (in this part of the world) as one of National Party blogger Cameron Slater’s 13 ‘Rules of politics and guidelines for politicians’, thoughtfully transcribed by reporter Pete Bailey from […]

The politicians we deserve

No charges were laid against Mr Banks. Police found that although he had filed a false election return, he hadn’t done so deliberately, because he had signed it without reading it. — ‘Police file: How Banks’ team targeted rich-list‘ NZ Herald 13 Sept 2012 What can one say about this that doesn’t read as gratuitously […]

John Banks ‘absolutely’ supports campaign donation law reform. With a straight face!

Following up on Laughing all the way to the Banks …

Laughing all the way to the Banks

‘Insufficient evidence’ From one Banksy to another — Police have decided they won’t prosecute ACT Party leader and sole MP John Banks for [alleged] electoral law offences relating to him improperly declaring tens of thousands of dollars of campaign donations as ‘anonymous’ when he’d personally solicited those very donations … because they can’t prove he […]

‘That politician got amnesia again’

I finally got around to listening to this, following the NZ Herald carrying it yesterday. It’s catchy! Listen here [Audio clip: view full post to listen] (or 3.5MB mp3 file for non-flash browsers). – P

John assures John he’s complied with electoral law

Yesterday, Labour leader David Shearer called for Prime Minister John Key to stand Banks down from his ministerial portfolios. A spokeswoman for the prime minister said Banks had assured him he had complied with local body electoral law.— NZ Herald 29 April 2012 Like this?: “The Long Adios,” a Walmart detective story “Are you lying, […]

Young ACTOIDS are revolting.

(‘Civil war’ or simple Generation Gap?) (1) Is ACT entering a Winter of Discontent? (2) Does anyone care? (Zero percent, remember.) Joan of Arc oops, Cactus Kate seems to think so … apparently exasperated that John Banks isn’t adhering to the ‘principles’ of the ACT Party. (Well, we sort of agree about that, then. But […]

Three faces of Eve … er, John Banks

One-point-one percent blogger Cactus Kate has written a well-worth reading column for the National Business Review website with the engaging title Who is John Banks? (I’m not kidding.) I agree with this part (below) and have said something similar for years: Three sides to Banks I believe there are at least three sides to John […]