One-point-one percent blogger Cactus Kate has written a well-worth reading column for the National Business Review website with the engaging title Who is John Banks? (I’m not kidding.)

I agree with this part (below) and have said something similar for years:

Three sides to Banks
I believe there are at least three sides to John Banks. The social conservative. The entrepreneur. Then there is the deep political pragmatist. He’s lost elections and he’s won them. He remains as emotionally void and cold in victory as he does in defeat.
Of the three sides to Banks I can identify I respect the hard-working street fighting entrepreneur. I can laugh off his moments of deep social conservatism. I can also see the advantage now in ACT having a deep political pragmatist.

As I said pre-election in Banks: Doing the basics very well the guy is an unquestionably good communicator, whether you like him/agree with him or not — being a protege of arch-populist Robert Muldoon has done him a lot of good.

Why is he now leader of ACT? Read Cathy’s column and let me know what you think…

– P