John Key delivered a good performance on TVNZ’s Q&A current affairs programme this morning — UNTIL he was asked about John Banks.*

You can watch the interview here at TVNZ on demand (17 mins)

And here is the audio of the 3 minute section where interviewer Shane Taurima asked about Mr Key’s standards for his ministers (mp3 file here)

“Prime Minister, is lying a sackable offence for members of your cabinet?”

Not so impressive. [Update: transcript available here at NBR.]

Mr Key’s obvious and dutifully repeated spin/talking point (“politically motivated attacks”) about interest in whether his cabinet minister John Banks lied in April & May this year about his knowledge of Kim Dotcom’s ‘anonymous’ donations to the ‘Team Banksie’ failed 2012 Auckland mayoral campaign seems shallow and unconvincing.

John Banks is a problem. Matthew Hooton says it’s not going away.

Remember this? He’s a married man! (John Banks talks to Radio LIVE’s Frances Cook 27 April 2012)

– P

* Even so, Mr Key’s demonstration of interview technique was much better than David Shearer’s which followed.