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Is Steve Goodey confused … or rewriting history?

Property spruiker and professional salesman Steve Goodey seems to be a very confused man. That’s one explanation. I stumbled across a statement ex-Richmastery franchisee Steve Goodey posted on the PropertyTalk discussion forum last week claiming that he’d been a ‘full-time property investor for 15 years’ — which made my ears prick up. Eh? I thought. […]

Political code words: signals to the faithful

I don’t know Dick Quax personally but my daughter met him out campaigning and said “He was lovely”. The former Olympic runner is heir-apparent to FYT (fine young Tory) Jami-Lee Ross‘s super-city Auckland Council seat now that Jami-Lee has begun his sentence term as National Member of Parliament for Botany following Pansy Wong’s resignation under […]

With one swift blow, Kate knocked the wind out of the duplicitous toady …

Nice to see conservative blogger Cactus Kate calling conservative blogger David Farrar for being a National Party mouthpiece the other day … Labour’s argument goes a little something like this. Their core voters are married couples with two kids earning say $50,000. In the House today Labour bombarded the National Party with examples of such […]

Everything we know about you guys is wrong

I just watched How to Train Your Dragon with my son and some friends … it’s a magnificent, heart-warming movie, which incidentally addresses one of the perennial themes of — recognising our fear of ‘the other’ or ‘the out-group’ (in this case, dragons) and that fear’s role in conflict. Embedded in the storyline is […]

Dirty rotten liars posing as their opposites

Look at this page which an innocent Google image search result led me to last night: As well as a bogus scan with blinking displays and an imitation desktop window (displayed within the browser) — supposedly checking my computer for malware and viruses telling me the ‘alarming’ news that ‘Your computer is infected‘ the website […]

Carumba! Scott Adams defends himself using sockpuppet? Yes.

From the ‘Huh? Wha? Dang!’ files and following on from my post: ‘Is it worth dishonestly defending a reputation? No.‘ It’s emerged that Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams, has slipped into the same category as property spruiker Sean Wood — using an anonymous sockpuppet to defend himself from criticism/discussion online. (OK, Adams is not quite as […]

RIP Kerry Smith

I was saddened to hear yesterday that Kerry Smith had died. Like many, I’m sure, I liked her. As a broadcaster, Kerry was a true professional: warm, engaging, endlessly versatile and competent. As an actress she came across as wry and very funny at times, but, to me, always retained an edge of well-presented class. […]

Is it worth dishonestly defending a reputation? No.

‘Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.’ – Oscar Wilde . Reputations — good and bad — are a topic we discuss here at from time to time. I’m interested in hearing what you think about it (…if anything). Watching the chickens coming home to roost on some of the […]

Thoughts about authenticity – Sean Wood and Steve Goodey enterprises

It strikes me as ironic that the banner ads on PropertyTalk (the site I celebrated and linked to yesterday) now appear to feature ex-Richmastery property spruikers Sean Wood and Steve Goodey in their latest incarnation. Er, yuck. These two wide boys, graduates of (spat out of?) the Phil Jones charm school, have apparently divorced their […]

Tread softly because you tread on my dreams

from Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven by William Butler Yeats Had I the heavens’ embroidered cloths, Enwrought with golden and silver light, The blue and the dim and the dark cloths Of night and light and the half light, I would spread the cloths under your feet: But I, being poor, have only […]

Some thoughts about new media values

Former CNN anchor Aaron Brown had some harsh words for his successor, Anderson Cooper, in an interview with TVNewser. … Referring to Cooper’s famous segment, he said, “I know the difference between journalism and a slogan. ‘Keeping them honest’ is a slogan.” — Huffington Post Now that’s pretty harsh, as the nameless writer at Huffington Post acknowledged […]

Salty Droid – consumer watchdog blog

Here’s a simple mission statement which rings some bells for me and ‘Consumer watchdog blog’. I read it in this declaration to the Federal Trade Commission [PDF 1.6MB] by the editor of — whom I observe to be a fearless castigator of spruikers and online con artists. I recommend this site whole-heartedly, as […]

The sort of spruiker who gives spruikers a bad name

My hero Neil Jenman shares his experience with an Australian spruiker … Interesting about the tie-up between Steven Fagan, his book ‘Accidental Millionaire’ and Carly Crutchfield. Have a read: Nick and Wendy are a delightful young couple. In 2004, after advice from Fagan’s property group, they purchased an apartment in the western Sydney suburb of […]

Linking to sources — why it’s vital for credibility (Case study: property spruiker Sean Wood)

I read a really interesting article I read this morning on The Guardian’s Comment is free website: ‘A case of never letting the source spoil a good story’ subtitle: Perhaps it’s too embarrassing for some writers to risk linking to primary sources that readers can check for themselves Wherein Ben Goldacre concludes: But more than […]

An insight into sociopaths and liars

This quote, from an excellent Tom Junod piece in Esquire on Murdoch’s Fox News Gruppenführer Roger Ailes, says a LOT about the trouble with trying to shame the manipulative, or liars and con artists … The pundits, the professors, the professional journalists, the left-wingers, the tree huggers, the liberal blogosphere, President Obama — they all […]