Look at this page which an innocent Google image search result led me to last night:

This lying liars 'webpage' tried to download a zip file while I watched the bogus 'scan' and results with the offer to 'Remove all' trojans and malware. Filthy liars. (Click to enlarge.)

As well as a bogus scan with blinking displays and an imitation desktop window (displayed within the browser) — supposedly checking my computer for malware and viruses telling me the ‘alarming’ news that ‘Your computer is infected‘ the website also kept trying to download an unrequested .zip file with the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing file name of ‘anti-malware.zip‘. (God knows what you’d unleash if you unzipped that file!)

Yeah, sure thing. Oh yeah, you really are the ‘Apple Security Center’ popping up unexpectedly after a Google image search with a web address like:[snip]a04e3bef3b8fc0ecb80699ab1.zip

Oh yeah, I believe you.

Dirty trick. Rotten scoundrels like this prey on the innocent and the naive.
Loathsome weasels.

– P