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Stress kills. Some more thoughts about litigation

From the Otago Daily Times The death of the leading criminal defence lawyer Greg King was a wake-up call over the pressures facing some defence lawyers, Prof Mark Henaghan said yesterday. Prof Henaghan, who is dean of the University of Otago Law Faculty, was commenting yesterday at an outdoor memorial service on campus, attended by […]

Some people use this as a checklist, some as a menu

I spotted this poster in the student health centre at my son’s new school (for next year). It made me consider the actions of some who seem to cycle their way though these behaviours without any apparent balance or accountability. Worth considering. Then there’s this, from a blog post-combined-with-a-bit-of-self-promotion (no foul) by reputation management company […]

Dealing with something new in your environment

This very cool photo, taken through the periscope of a US Navy submarine which had surfaced through ice in Arctic Ocean, shows a polar bear — investigating something remarkable, novel and outside its previous experience. (Well, I assume it hadn’t encountered a nuclear submarine’s tail fin before, but I can’t be certain.) Thinks: What is […]

How would the locals have dealt with a dead whale a hundred years ago?

I saw this online at the time Couple make whale of a catch from beach, and today came across it again, wondering: How would on earth would people have treated a whale carcass in days gone by? I don’t know. I suspect they would have taken more from the dead whale than a few ‘samples’ […]

The challenge of dealing with a whistle-blower

I referred in this post: Please read this NY Times column — ‘The Banality of Systematic Evil’ to the discomfort that ‘management’ can experience — and the poor decisions they can make as a result — when someone in their organisation highlights wrongdoing. Remember?: “… an accountant was dismissed because he insisted on reporting “irregular payments, […]

Rihanna at Vector Arena in Auckland last night

I went to this concert last night — and really enjoyed it. Read a review in the NZ Herald Concert review: Rihanna in Auckland (+photos). Here’s one of Sarah Ivey’s pics of this talented (and let’s face it, gorgeous) performer, Rihanna: Well worth going, if you get the chance. – P

Exhibiting one’s nature. Not always pretty.

Jobs sometimes avoided the truth. Helmut Sonnenfeldt once said of Henry Kissinger, “He lies not because it’s in his interest, he lies because it’s in his nature.” From Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson p 287 I’m reading this book at present and really enjoying it. I’ve learned when dealing with some people that this phenomenon […]

Obama on MLK speech 50th Anniversary

I know I’m late to this. I just spotted this photo in Barack Obama’s Instagram feed. (I ‘follow’ it, but pretty much abandoned Instagram when Facebook bought it.) I’ve stood on that spot (yeah, tourist, me) at the top of the steps in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, right on the battered […]

Staying positive with your team

In the offline (i.e. real) world, one of my businesses is a training company. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing presenters and speakers. Not the least of those is my founding partner who is, in my view, one of the most inspirational facilitators I have ever seen in action. […]

Lorde – Royals – Later… with Jools Holland – BBC Two

Cool! -P

Heart-stopping near capsize

Yeah, well. Jeez.

A note on embracing storms

Spotted in Howick this afternoon — a little bit of wisdom from another age (or New Age?) This is good advice. Rather than indulging our reflexive fight/flight/freeze instincts when we strike conflict, it’s best to look for ways to meet other people’s interests — and get your own needs met. Sometimes that means compromise. It […]

Greetings, gentle reader

I’m not snooping, I promise… but I love seeing what others are (anonymously) reading on my blog (see the ‘Recently Viewed’ list in the sidebar on the right) … today someone(s) read my post about the uncomfortable-for-both-parties situation where police powers are applied to sickly white liberals (er, like moi) discussed in Put yourself in […]

Sharing secrets? Isn’t that kinda antithetical?

I spotted this graphic in an All Things Digital article about Whisper: Why Should You Care About Whisper, the Secret-Sharing App That VCs Are Pouring Money Into? And thought, yeah, it’s amazing how quickly ‘gossip’ (however you define that) gets around. If it’s a ‘secret’ people shouldn’t blab — but they do. There’s this irresistible […]

Good intent

I had my phone playing songs in alphabetical order on this morning’s loooong walk around the coast, thinking about aspects of online and public reputation … when this cool song, Good Intent by Kimbra (from her album Vows) played. – P PS Another version of the song here as a comment on my post Let […]