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Speak up to save a life. (It may be your own.)

Here’s the link to the It Can Wait documentary


Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him; The evil that men do lives after them, The good is oft interred with their bones, So let it be with Caesar … The noble Brutus Hath told you Caesar was ambitious: If it were so, it was a […]


Watch this video of a concert where the star invites a member of the audience to participate in a duet … and she turns out to be fantastic! The combination of the song’s message and the way the performance works out moved me… “Still me” (1’38”) is such a clanger, in retrospect. – P via […]

Still delightful. Mila Kunis

I saw this at the time (March this year) and found it charming … stumbled across it again today and still chuckled. If you haven’t watched, see if you enjoy Mila Kunis enjoying a little bit of welcome variety on the PR treadmill … – P

The Letters

Radio NZ’s Mediawatch podcast featured a couple of excellent interviews — with Jim Tucker and David Fisher. As is my habit, I listened to it on my walk this morning. Available here (35’27”). I recommend you listen to it. Later on my walk, as I carefully picked my way around the coast at low tide, […]

The slippery slope: Dissent > Protest > Politics

Rick Falkvinge on civil liberties in the age of the internet. “The old guard is introducing censorship, wire-tapping, an end to anonymity — a crackdown on free speech.” “If the old politicians understood that the laws they are making are the equivalent of putting microphones under every cafe table … ” (cf: like Urban Cafe? […]

A manifesto

See also James Taylor’s wonderful advice: ‘The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time…’

Another day in paradise

Life is pretty good. I know I’m lucky. I appreciate it, too. – P See also: A great way to spend a Sunday morning and Rain, followed by an earthquake. Hello Auckland.

Two comedians speak up against animal testing

The ACT Party’s sole MP John Banks faced mockery and disrespect for his stand against animal testing in recent Parliamentary debate about amendments to the Psychoactive Substances Bill. Some people questioned his sanity or his social policy ‘priorities’. That’s a pretty harsh assessment, I thought when I heard it, but fair enough. Fair comment. A […]

Susan Sontag on writing

Someday (today’s not the day) I will try to express how much I have been inspired by the writing, or better put: the thoughtful reflections of Susan Sontag. She is one of my heroes. I felt lucky to have found her, with her book On Photography. It touched me. Changed my consciousness. Maria Popova, another […]

Another option: Turn the other cheek

Wow, I hadn’t seen this message from Eleanor Roosevelt to John F. Kennedy responding to his complaints about her public criticism of him. Sharp! Gee, I must consider adopting that approach. 🙂 Via @BeschlossDC

Amanda Palmer is a genius! (‘Dear Daily Mail’ song)

I like/love Amanda Palmer. You already know that if you read my post: The gutsy Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking (TED). Here’s her answer to the Daily Mail‘s consistent misogyny. Unmissable, but perhaps NSFW: Genius. And courageous. What a great human being, and media critic, she is. Hooray. – P Lyrics: (via pastebin) Dear […]

Good ol’ fashioned values …

Here’s how ReadWriteWeb promoted the awareness campaigns of StopWatching.Us and Restore The Fourth … Yeah. Nice. Read all about it. – P

Miss Tibet

Now this was a surprise … Beauty pageant as political statement? (And spot the inner beauty/outer beauty point.) What do you think? – P

Of logs, eyes, and attributing motives

I got talking over lunch with a friend of mine, Graeme (who comments here at The Paepae as ‘Graeme’). 🙂 Afterwards, I asked him to send me his thoughts about an aspect of that discussion, and he sent me this. I found it good … and share it with you. – P — Peter, I’m […]