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Take no prisoners

The canonization (OK, not really. He’s not dead!) of Jon Stewart — America’s most trusted newscaster — continues. I rate Stewart very highly indeed, which should go without saying, but hey, let me say it. His recent whack at Pres. Barack Obama’s underwhelming primetime televised oval office speech about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill sparked an […]

First signs of Spring?

I noticed this in Howick this morning … first signs of Spring?

Another good graphic

From Is it true? Dunno. I guess so. Like this morning’s example, the graphic tells a story all by itself.

What ‘letting it slide’ can cost you

From a review of Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ appearance at a recent tech Q&A: Jobs acknowledged that the next-generation iPhone photographed by Gizmodo was circulating as a part of the normal testing of wireless products. “To make a wireless product work well you need to test it. You have to carry them outside. One of […]

Stephen Fry on the joys of swearing

I agree with this: “The kind of people who say swearing is the sign of a poor vocabulary, usually have a pretty poor vocabulary themselves.” — Stephen Fry. That said, I’ve seen the real ‘shock’ effect an outburst of hot, emphatic ‘foul’ language can have on people, including kids — but it’s the intent and tone, […]

RIP Merata Mita

Our household was sorry to hear of the death of NZ filmmaker and pioneer, the courageous Merata Mita yesterday. Merata was a contemporary, mate and colleague of many in what we used to call the ‘Maori Rights’ movement … but so much more. Her film Patu! about the civil disobedience protests around the 1981 Springbok […]

Nostalgia … Chris Rea – On the Beach

A friend and I were shootin’ the breeze earlier about more songs that are the soundtrack of our lives. (In the last little while we’ve discussed James Taylor, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan here at The Paepae — who all easily make the list.) Graeme and I recently went with our wives to dinner and […]

A good (simple) retrospective look at Europe’s economic woes

I heard from a friend of mine who works in Banking (with a capital B) in Geneva recently that things ain’t good in Europe. ‘European economies are in real trouble. I have had a deep sense of foreboding about the global economy recently’ he wrote to me — which is alarming considering what he and […]

If you missed him last time …

Leonard Cohen and his nine-piece band will return to New Zealand for three shows later this year. Concerts in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch will form part of a nine-city Australasian tour in October and November. — NZ Herald today If you know who he is, I can’t recommend this highly enough — it was an […]

Best song ever written …

Here’s my pal Graeme’s ‘best song ever written’ interview with Jim Mora on Radio NZ National today … [Audio clip: view full post to listen] … which I mention in the post above. Here’s Every Grain of Sand covered by Emmylou Harris (if you can find a Dylan version on the web, let me know. […]

Living with a mountain in your backyard

I’ve just spent a weekend in the shadow of Mt Taranaki, with family on matters to do with our season of grief, and throughout that time I found myself ‘checking in’ with the mountain from various angles. There’s a kind of ownership — does the mountain belong to the people? … Or, more likely, are the […]

A local!

When I wrote admiringly about the new logo selected for the Auckland super city, I didn’t know Jim Dean was a Howick bloke (where I live). Good on him!

Before the deluge – Jackson Browne

Some of them were dreamers And some of them were fools Who were making plans and thinking of the future With the energy of the innocent They were gathering the tools They would need to make their journey back to nature While the sand slipped through the opening And their hands reached for the golden […]

Great graphic!

I don’t know anything about this event (click on the image to read a description) but the graphic just pulled me in. Great work! I don’t have any association with this event. I don’t know if the logo image is original to ‘Kim Knight – Qi Gong Instructor Auckland’ or not, but I like it.

Critical? Who, me? Naaaah!

Some people might think my canine love story or Shaun Stenning: Monkey or Organ Grinder or Dean Letfus claims DEFAMATION! comments have been a bit harsh… but look at this recent campaign ad from Arizona… Imagine if I used language like that! (Roll on Friday, eh boys?)