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In a nutshell: a matter of trust

This small comment, in the middle of an article discussing Facebook privacy, explains what’s actually lost when certain spruikers (you know who I mean) expand their hyperbole and ‘puffery’ into potentially misleading claims … and then their offerings disappoint repeatedly, as in the case of some whose activities I have highlighted here. “They’ve lost the […]


Creativity — There are these AMAZING shoes… … which I read about in the New York Times: [Italian architect and designer Gaetano] Pesce’s new shoe for the Brazilian company Melissa — an ankle bootie composed of interconnected PVC circles, whose form can change at the whim of its owner with a swift slice of the […]

Another reason to speak up now

Speak up! Tell your truth — Do the right thing NOW. You may not always have the opportunity … As someone said elsewhere: “I am not perfect or lily white and try never to claim to be.”  … but we do our best, right? (This art just resonated for some reason.)

Tall poppy syndrome: last refuge of the scoundrel?

Is a claim of ‘tall poppy syndrome’ the last refuge of the scoundrel? (Yes, I know that’s supposed to be patriotism. But how about it? Or perhaps it could be claims of religious virtue?) Here’s a typical definition of the ‘syndrome’ … Tall poppy syndrome: a social phenomenon in which people of genuine merit are […]

Why to believe in others

Here’s a wonderful short clip of Viktor Frankl, author of the seminal book, Man’s Search for Meaning, on the topic of our need to have meaning in our lives … to aim high … and to see the best in people whom we’re trying to help or encourage … “…If we take man as he really […]

Why take any action?

Recently in Why speak up I shared… At any time, in my view, you are either a force for good or ill — opposing evil or assisting it: All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. — Edmund Burke I know I come across as a sort of […]

You’re never too old, bro.

A great little New Zealand short film with a message … This is the extended and enhanced version of FROSTY MAN AND THE BMX KID which was written and directed by Tim McLachlan – one of the five finalists in the international YOUR BIG BREAK film-making competition run by Tourism New Zealand in conjunction with […]

More deceitful photoshopping

Ok I promise not to go on about this re-touching bizzo too much, but Gee Whizz, it’s so awful that Photoshop is being used to make girls and women feel inferior to fashion models that don’t even exist. Another disgraceful display from Ann Taylor — a brand I have no respect for based on this […]

Refusing to step on the slippery slope …

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s speech about the city NOT outlawing a mosque near ‘ground zero’ World Trade Center is being hailed as one of his finest hours. New YorkDaily News: He’s usually a technocrat, and often comes across that way, but today’s speech was a stirring declaration of principle. Key passage, quoted around the world: […]

On cycles — Joseph Amato

Also spotted in the Howick Library today, in the prelims of a lovely book on writing  A Broom of One’s Own by Nancy Peacock … That line, “… the small into the big and the big back into the small …” Nice. – P

Picked up in the Howick Library … Crimestoppers

This eye-catching card, um, caught my eye at the Howick Public Library this afternoon. It reminded me of my post: Why speak up? — in part because it assumes a public duty to report crime, or at least share information about it … and recognises there’s a ‘risk’ in standing up. It only makes me […]

‘Wretch of the week’ — that’s a nice phrase

I enjoyed satirist Steve Braunias talking with Radio NZ’s Jim Mora on his Eight months to Mars slot this week. As part of it, Steve described his own ‘The Secret Diary of …’ column in the Sunday Star Times as ‘Wretch of the Week’ and disclosed that in getting the voice of the subject right […]

Why speak up?

Recent events have seen me revisiting a theme (or meme?) of this blog — and central to my own thinking: WHY SHOULD one speak up about perceived wrongdoing? Let me start by saying this: Life is complicated. Sometimes people and things can appear to be one thing on the surface but as you look closer, […]

Ode to a whistleblower

I’ve only met Bruce Sheppard once — at a Howick school gala one wet Saturday, but I’ve read his columns and long admired his outspoken advocacy for small shareholders. Now, apparently, he’s been snaffled up to be part of the new Financial Markets Authority’s establishment board and is leaving the Shareholders’ Association. Sheppard said he […]

Incredible Science

My hat’s off to the Faculty and Students of the Auckland University Science department who put on a brilliant day for kids (and, ahem, accompanying adults) at yesterday’s Incredible Science Day. Wow we had a good time and the place was buzzing. Special mention to the Wow Physics show which was a heady, indulgent mix […]