I take no satisfaction in being proven right (again) about ‘Tumbleweed’ Dean Letfus, the itinerant get-rich-quick spruiker who from time to time features in these pages.

Missing ingredient? (image: Pete Laburn - click)

I observed earlier “He seems to flit hyperbolically from one cash flow generating event (for him!) to the next without much regard for consistency …”

This afternoon a friend directed me to the latest marketing effort from this self-proclaimed “property expert”, “internet marketing expert”, and “sin coverer” and I have to say, it seems very thin, even for him.

Read this blurb (my comments in green):

DEAN Letfus
“Snipr Laser Targetted Niche”

Dean Letfus has been a full time property investor for over 6 years and a part time internet marketer for 2 years.
[Comment: Is it just me, or does 6 years make a property guru? and, even less so, does ‘2 years part time internet marketer’ fill you with confidence that he knows what he’s talking about? Not me.]

In that time he has built, sold and traded over $250,000,000 worth of property [That’s quite a claim. What’s he actually worth?] and he’s not ashamed to admit that along the way he has made a bunch of mistakes. [Yes, we know about some of those: Coral Lagoon, Sponge Bay, Perriam Cove, Storage Zone, Azzura Gold Coast Apartments.] However, that’s what makes him so qualified to teach others about how to create a successful life… [Oh really? Doubtful.] He’s been there, done it and made the mistakes for you, so you don’t have to. [But hang on: haven’t many of the mistakes been over-selling to his gullible naive, trusting clients and students? Not to mention his ‘mentoring’ people while he still had his training wheels on … and he himself hadn’t invested through a property downturn?]

Sales pitch (click)

In the last 18 months [18 months? Crikey.] he has focused his energies on building strategies to create cash flow on the internet to counter act [sic] the disastrous economic situation [Whose ‘disastrous economic situation’? His own, perchance?] and he has successfully built a secondary income from the internet. [Really? From the internet? Or just ‘Selling the dream’ as he and fellow spruiker Steve Goodey did with Shaun Stenning and the doomed Geekversity scheme before it shut down with huge losses and a string of broken promises?]
Now he is not your normal Internet Marketer, he is not in his mid-twenties, he is not a computer geek, he is an everyday person [Is he? I thought Dean Letfus said he’d been ‘a professional sales and marketer for a long time’?] using simple strategies [Simple? Or deceitful? Like YouTube Traffic Thieves?] to get massive results [‘massive results’? Oh, so vague…] online. [Online? Really? So why the near-constant touring and personal appearances at hard-sell ‘events’? Is he selling the ‘system’ instead of using the system? You’ve gotta ask.]

Pardon my cynicism. (Maybe you had to be there?)

But then … look at this current marketing letter emailed broadly about the same upcoming ‘event’ from the very same spruiker with these remarkable ‘afterthoughts’ in the PS and PPS…

… As always, stay inspired and Stay Safe ~ Dean Letfus

PS: I have recently discovered the most incredible
cash-flow opportunity I have ever seen in my life and
I will be sharing it at the event.

PPS: It is NOT the strategy advertised on the web site.
I promise you it will blow your mind 🙂

I guess it’s possible that I’ve got him pegged all wrong, but speaking personally, he comes across to me as downright feckless (or ‘rootless and slippery’, as I said elsewhere). Let’s review:

First he directs you to a website carrying all that puffery about what a qualified ‘expert’ he is, promoting Shaun Stenning’s ‘Snipr’ make-big-money-from-the-internet… er, … ‘scheme’ — viz: “Dean Letfus – Snipr Laser Targetted Niche” — but by the time he reaches the end of his own marketing letter he’s burbling about his NEW ‘recent discovery’ … “the most incredible cash-flow opportunity I have ever seen in my life” (Hyperbolic? — Gee, d’ya think?)
… and, guess what? PPS: it is NOT the ‘Snipr Laser Targetted Niche’ so-called ‘strategy’ he just promoted … and “I promise you it will blow your mind”.

Good grief.

Does anyone see it differently?

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