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Guest post: Andrew King responds to Dean Letfus feature

You may recall my post The trajectory of property spruiker Dean Letfus which was the blog equivalent of a sharp intake of breath at the positioning of Dean Letfus‘s smiling face on the cover of the NZ Property Investor magazine. I wasn’t the only one surprised at that placement, or the soft ride he was […]

The trajectory of property spruiker Dean Letfus

I hadn’t seen this until today — a remarkably positive article about investment ‘lessons’ spruiker Dean Letfus has learned from the collapse of his ‘property empire’ in April’s New Zealand Property Investor magazine. A few other bankrupt investors are mentioned to leaven the loaf, but in the main it reads like an article about cover […]

Denouement of Dean Letfus

This has been a slow train coming down the track, and I take no pleasure in recording it. Almost a year after the wheels fell off the Shaun Stenning-Dean Letfus-Steve Goodey hyperbole machine, reality is sinking in with attendant finger-pointing and blame shifting. As you will see if you care to follow discussion and comments […]

Another dose of financial hyperbole …

An occasional commenter here on, known as ‘Xav’ here and at PropertyTalk, did some homework on ‘bargain’ US properties being assiduously hawked by property spruiker Dean Letfus to his database and via the internet  … From Dean Letfus’s list of Atlanta properties: Address . . . . . . . . . . . […]

Negative credibility

Ha! I like this concept … Writing on The Guardian‘s Comment is free website — Andrew Breitbart and the unwilling suspension of disbelief about the right wing web maven who ‘exposed’ Rep. Weiner — Dan Gillmor referred to his model of ‘negative credibility‘ and included  this neat graphic: Gillmor’s article is worth reading, as, like the erudite j-school […]

Calling all gullible gamblers!

Two communications arrived in my in-boxes a day apart … and I couldn’t help but see them as similar. Property spruikers Sean Wood and Steve Goodey are soooo keen to get you along to their hyperbolic sales pitch that if you buy a ticket to attend (instead of getting one free from an affiliate, or the […]

Is it worth dishonestly defending a reputation? No.

‘Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.’ – Oscar Wilde . Reputations — good and bad — are a topic we discuss here at from time to time. I’m interested in hearing what you think about it (…if anything). Watching the chickens coming home to roost on some of the […]

Refunds are like kryptonite (Salty Droid)

This is from anti-scam campaigner The Salty Droid. It’s in relation to internet marketers by the name of Jimmy Davis & Dennis Karganilla … whose product he rather, um, colourfully describes in these terms: The 90 Day Challenge sapped victims for between $500 – $2000. It consisted of three main elements :: Recycled information available […]

In the cross-hairs: low quality, low value websites

A comment today on the Is this how Shaun Stenning handles a request for a refund? thread implies the dissatisfaction with his snipr ‘product’ is widespread: Re: SNIPRscam’ Hi, is anyone else in Melbourne/Australia interested in forcing a refund from Shaun Stenning for his Snipr scam? It seems that asking him nicely doesn’t work. I’ve […]

If you prick us, do we not bleed?

I had the opportunity for a long face-to-face discussion with Dean Letfus yesterday, as earlier forecast. For those of you who haven’t met him, let me say first off I find Dean an intelligent, personable chap, with good communication skills and a sense of humour. (I’ve never subscribed to the ‘Say no good thing about […]

Not exactly a whodunnit

‘Dispersing lies’ — that’s what I’ve been accused of doing, by ‘expert in lying‘, spruiker Dean Letfus. His detail-free allegation (by broadcast email and on his blog) comes with bonus faulty logic and an extra smear topping: that I am allegedly doing this (‘dispersing lies’) as ‘a competitor’ — which is kind of an understated […]

It’s raining Memphis!

… Memphis properties, that is. ‘Distressed’ or ‘bargain’ properties. Cheap cheap cheap!! A little while ago in ‘Safe investing means doing your homework‘ I mentioned that some members of the United Federation of Property Spruikers have moved onto shifting US properties to Kiwis and Australians. The exact commission structure (i.e. what’s in it for them) […]

I think I would die …

I think I would probably die of embarrassment if ‘property guru’, ‘internet marketing expert’ and spruiker Dean Letfus endorsed me as a ‘kindred spirit’ like this: Leave aside the Freudian slip of ‘In a pool of sharks I found Steve to be the “real deal” ‘ … (erm, you mean a REAL SHARK?) Dean’s humble […]

Safe investing means doing your homework

My earlier post ‘Good advice: Google the salesmen and their get-rich-quick scheme‘, included the suggestion that a bit of research and homework could save a lot of pain and regret: look at the track records of these guys and their previous ‘enterprises’? Do some due diligence and don’t believe the hype. I’ve been struck by […]

In defence of Shaun Stenning — (update: FAKE) Jennifer from Oz

This comment floated in overnight — from ‘Jennifer‘, [who is a sockpuppet. See UPDATE 2 below] in response to last month’s post ‘Is this how Shaun Stenning handles a request for a refund?‘ and, oh, she accuses me of insincerity, to say the least: Hi Peter, It seems you like to play devils advocate don’t […]