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  2. Richard Nixon’s resignation letter
  3. Watchdog issues warning about Sean Wood Property Tutors enterprise
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  7. How do you spell phishing? A scam targeting Dropbox users
  8. Simon Lusk EXPOSED
  9. Property Tutors’ Sean Wood is ‘not of good character’ – according to Authority & Judge
  10. Aaron Gilmore. Yeah right.
  11. About The Paepae
  12. Tag: Sean Wood
  13. Linking to sources — why it’s vital for credibility (Case study: property spruiker Sean Wood)
  14. Top 10 NZ property investment books – Auckland City Libraries
  15. Trying to pin a ‘con artist’ tag on Teflon John Key. Yeah, good luck with that.
  16. Q: Where does conflict come from?

Once again, this monthly round-up’s results are driven by other people linking to The Paepae, including Bryce Edwards’ NZ Political Daily newsletter and columns, various other journos, bloggers and Twitterati. (Thanks!)

Backbench National MP Aaron Gilmore’s career-ending meltdown and Simon Lusk‘s reported role in it (eerily presaged by moi, see below), led to a surge of interest in the avowedly low-profile hard right campaign ‘consultant’, driving him (and his website) out of his maimai. (Actually, I met up with a bunch of hunters in Puhoi that WET weekend at the start of the duck-shooting season. No sign of Simon there. But he could have been dressed in his ninja outfit, so who knows?)

The Cactus Kate tag is still copping a bunch of hits. Again, I wonder what’s up? Any guesses?

I have no idea what’s driving (worldwide) interest in Richard Nixon’s resignation letter.

– P

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