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“Buzz kills privacy” – ooooh!

So you don’t like Google Buzz? Turn it OFF, then, and stop complaining: Nightmares for Gmail users as Buzz kills privacy – NZ Herald : “Of course, those still dissatisfied can simply turn off Buzz. There’s a small link to do so at the bottom of the Gmail inbox page.” Duh. UPDATE: – a bit […]

Cyber-bullying — and an aftermath

One of my early blog posts here at reflected on Remembering the cyber world is not the real world. Of course there are exceptions, like the NY model slandered anonymously whom I discussed in Potshots from behind a mask of anonymity are, by definition, cheap: My view: People need to be accountable for their […]

One smart person

“Elisabeth Murdoch touts social networking” CEO says youths willing to pay for premium experiences By Elizabeth Guider The Hollywood Reporter Jan 27, 2010, LAS VEGAS — Emphasizing the need for the TV industry to put on its “hard hats” and rebuild the biz for a new era, Elisabeth Murdoch offered up a blueprint which put […]

I continue to find Twitter such a fascinating laboratory

I continue to find Twitter such a fascinating laboratory. It’s like fast-forwarding time, like those speeded up hot-house films, and exaggerating the human condition, in so many ways. Trends, memes, flame wars … cool! The sheer number of eyeballs involved (naturally) draws the whole spectrum of homosapiens — from the Valley Girl celebrity culture to […]

Building trust — through deceit?

There’s a ‘phoniness’ that plagues the internet. (Peter Steiner’s famous 1993 cartoon “On the internet nobody knows you’re a dog” has become axiomatic). Wikipedia suffers a scandal when it’s exposed that some phoney posing as a ‘learned academic’ has been pasting content into the wiki — which, I guess, compared to the fake surgeons that pop […]

Whew, touchy little twittersphere, huh?

Tweetness and light as Fry ends Twitter spat Monday Nov 02, 2009 by Tom Peck The Independent Stephen Fry has apologised over a Twitter tiff that saw him threaten to quit the microblogging service. Even by the speedy pace of life in the twittersphere, it was one of the shortest break-ups in history. After being […]

Confucius shares advice for Facebook ‘friends’ …

Every word of this is true. My sister-in-law came to stay at the weekend. On Saturday night over a very pleasant dinner we had a lively discussion about social media. She’s just joined Facebook and has, after some consideration, been accepted as a ‘friend’ by one of her three adult children … so far — […]

It must be true. I saw it on the internet.

My friend Marc posted a video on his website yesterday. It’s interestng — a sort of “Oh. My. God. Social Media is not a fad. It is taking over the world!” manifesto … with waves of what Marc called “facts and figures that are hard to ignore”. Having watched it, a few things struck me: […]

Today’s ‘Word of mouth’

Credibility, celebrity and their effects… Stephen Fry, whose Twitter followers now number 770,000, recently spiked sales in a book he liked… A book of short stories has leaped up Amazon’s book charts to become second only to Dan Brown after Stephen Fry endorsed it on his Twitter feed. Early today (10th September), the actor told […]