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Trolling and your ‘personal brand’

This, from an interesting article by Kashmir Hill at Forbes which I read last month, dovetails in with my earlier comments (see: Drunken yobos spit in MP’s face, then skite to their mates like idiot schoolboys) about bombastic partisan bloggers and anonymous trolls paying a price for their often trenchant and Quixotic campaigns. So what […]

Blogger not news media … continued

A leaked instruction manual for a cell phone has led to this: Judge: Blogger not a reporter, must turn over information-Chicago Tribune A spokesman for the blog, which has a staff of writers and editors, said the case is the first time in Illinois a judge has been asked to rule whether a blogger is […]

When hyper-linking gets in the way

From a good article Why Christian Science Monitor stories have too many links, wrong ones by Justin Martin writing at Poynter: A visible link in a news story is a caesura, a stoppage that forces a cognitive pause. The word “caesura” is a poetry term and, just as in poetic writing, literary pauses must be […]

Lack of truthtelling devastates media, old & new

Forget (for now) the place of unwanted ‘opinion’ in ‘news’ (or somewhere near by) — there’s a bigger issue at stake in modern media … whether (or not!) to call out politicians and other newsmakers for false statements they make. As noted elsewhere, I am troubled by political activists and proxies masquerading (or fancying themselves) as […]

Law Commission issues paper on new media

Download the issues paper or a summary here at the NZ Law Commission website. The News Media meets ‘New Media’: Rights, Responsibilities and Regulation in the Digital Age Published 12 Dec 2011 The Law Commission is seeking New Zealander’s views on the standards and accountabilities which should apply to the news media and citizen publishers […]

National’s desperados get perfervid about Peters

What a difference a few percentage points in the polls makes. I’ve talked before about the intense, irrational personal hatred and enmity evinced by some in the National Party ‘family’ towards their former star MP Winston Peters. It is breathtaking to observe its vehemence. They bear grudges. Intensely. Scratch some outwardly civilized, even quite-reasonable-on-other-issues Nats […]

Higher stakes than most bloggers

I recently quoted George Orwell: Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations. Here’s another (fatal) aspect in which social media reporters, opinionistas, and publishers are catching up with their MSM colleagues — but not in a particularly edifying way. From Texas’s Knight Center for Journalism: For the […]

Where to post

Priceless. The  question “Are you in a bar?” reminded me instantly of Cactus Kate. WIth thanks to Mathew Ingram. – P

Facebook’s scheme to deliver YOU to its clients

If you’re interested, read this article Big Brands Like Facebook, But They Don’t Like to Pay from the Wall St Journal about how Ford Motor Co. used a ‘free’ Facebook page (oh, and $95 million dollars in other advertising, 5% of that on Facebook) to launch a muppet called Doug to sell a new car […]

Greenwald on bloggers being absorbed, and WikiLeaks mistakes

This is from an interview with Glenn Greenwald, one of the writers who blogs on who I admire and follow with a great deal of interest (whether I always agree with him or not). He’s addressing the idea I’ve tried to express about MEDIA ‘absorbing‘ new media (bloggers etc) … and the not-that-old sense of […]

A question of perspective

What you see depends on where you stand. Or, put another way: How you look at pedestrian crossings depends a lot on whether you’re the person wanting to cross the road or the vehicle driver called to wait and let the person cross. A couple of days ago in the context of Martyn Bradbury’s rant, […]

Storm the barricades, brothers and sisters!

The zeal of advocacy practiced by some in ‘new media’ is striking at times for an apparent lack of fair-mindedness. In some cases, it seems pretty clear an overt political campaign resembling trench warfare is being run under the guise of ‘news filtering’ or ‘commentary’ or blogging, among other things. Of course, mainstream media isn’t […]

Social (new) media is a universally good thing … erm…

The Internet in Society: Empowering or Censoring Citizens?

Touché Oscar. How apposite.

In all matters of opinion, our adversaries are insane. — Oscar Wilde That quote seems very apt, today, having yesterday myself opined that someone else’s words, if taken seriously, “reveal near-dementia levels of double standards and persecutional delusion.” Oops. Touché, Oscar. – P

Cameron Slater’s defective moral calculus

‘I’ve been told things. I’ll repeat them as if they were true.’ Cameron Slater, the right wing ‘blogger whose poos don’t smell‘ is at it again. Cameron parasitically relies on the mainstream media for source material to feed his abusive narrative against anything remotely ‘pinko’. He has the ill-grace to frequently berate the very same […]