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Internet commenters as psychopaths (also applies to ‘blogsters’)

From an article you may have already seen at Slate magazine by Chris Mooney: Internet Trolls Really Are Horrible People — Narcissistic, Machiavellian, psychopathic, and sadistic. Last year, for instance, we learned that by hurling insults and inciting discord in online comment sections, so-called Internet trolls (who are frequently anonymous) have a polarizing effect on […]

Ah! Another very funny 404 page-not-found-page {cringe}

Over at The Paepae’s Facebook page* I have a little collection of images (in a photo album I call ‘Quirkiness‘) which includes funny ‘Page-not-found’ error pages. I’ve just added this one (below), from The Daily Show today which caught me by surprise (as intended, no doubt): Bwhahaha. – P * Feel free to ‘like’ it […]

Hate blog gets [comprehensively] jammed. Beats a letter to the editor, I guess.

Trust Cameron Slater to go too far with his brainless hate speech. As is recorded elsewhere on the internet (e.g. Whaleoil stranding, day three: After meeting with police, Slater preps new server for site’s return – NBR) apparently Cameron Slater’s odious hate blog has been subject to some interference. It seems, despite Cameron Slater’s connections […]

This looks like the raw output of a comment spambot …

Wow, WordPress’s Akismet spam filter snapped this so it wouldn’t appear as a comment, but it’s fascinating to look at the syntax … I remember my geek pal Sarah describing translation-type scripts that spammers sometimes put article copy through to try to make it seem like ‘unique’ copy (to prevent Google downgrading it). This looks […]

On one hand we complain about surveillance …

Dedicated to Martyn Bradbury. – P

Equating internet privacy with apartheid

The UN human rights chief, Navi Pillay, has compared the uproar in the international community caused by revelations of mass surveillance with the collective response that helped bring down the apartheid regime in South Africa. Pillay, the first non-white woman to serve as a high-court judge in South Africa, made the comments in an interview […]

So, Circle app, this is your INTRODUCTION to me? Being sneaky with my friend’s contacts? Are you serious?

So, I got a text this morning …

Part of the news media? or a “PR blog” dedicated to “destroying” reputations?

Apparently attack-blogger Cameron Slater is considering appealing a recent court judgement denying him a journalist’s conditional protection of sources. The ‘whale oil’ blogger, with close links to the National government including his pick for next leader of the Party, Justice Minster Judith Collins, is facing trial next year accused of defaming an Auckland businessman through […]

Not just a fake Facebook account, but a demeaning, pornographic one.

Not a new story, but I came across it again … disgusting. As noted here previously, about the time I was tackling some internet marketing ‘gurus’ (and, I guess, hurting their feelings) several fake blogs were set up using my name and linking to derogatory statements about me. That was water off a duck’s back, […]

Piercing the veil. Why I think Martyn is a bully.

A couple of years ago, in a post ‘Bradbury: Martyr or moderated troll?‘, I declared this about Martyn Bradbury: Let me be clear about my own opinion of Martyn: I think he is a sloganeering polemicist. He is also, in my personal opinion, a devious smear artist who hysterically espouses extraordinary anti-democratic ‘positions’, [see On a collision course] […]

Another brick crumbles

Remember Facebook announced they were going to remove the ability to not be ‘found’ on their network by ‘non friends’? (Facebook. le sigh.) Well, it’s rolling out … I just got this email … Note the use of language: ‘old setting’ you’ve ‘used in the past’. (Actually, no, I use it NOW Facebook. You’re taking […]

Social engineering!

It’s GST return time in my empire. Look what fell out of the envelope … This is, of course, just a day or two after NZ Post announced the laying off of hundreds of posties because falling mail volumes means they’ll be dropping urban ‘standard post’ delivery back to three days a week. (See: Hundreds […]

Some people use this as a checklist, some as a menu

I spotted this poster in the student health centre at my son’s new school (for next year). It made me consider the actions of some who seem to cycle their way though these behaviours without any apparent balance or accountability. Worth considering. Then there’s this, from a blog post-combined-with-a-bit-of-self-promotion (no foul) by reputation management company […]

Facebook. le sigh.

Facebook is getting rid of a privacy feature that let users limit who can find them on the social network. Facebook Inc said on Thursday (local time) that it was removing a setting that controlled whether users could be found when people type their name into the website’s search bar. Facebook said only a single-digit […]

What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing.

Twitter was … atwitter today about an [alleged] ‘selfie’ by Bill Clinton (below) which Bill Gates tweeted: A @billclinton selfie from #CGI2013 as we sat down to talk for an upcoming @WIRED story. — Bill Gates (@BillGates) September 24, 2013 Now, I saw it and my first thought was: Gee — why isn’t it […]