One of the Cybermen from Dr Who

As someone who has occasionally (ahem) run foul of ‘Moderation policies’ at a discussion forum (don’t get me started) I was bemused when I noticed this interaction (below) on

I don’t know or care what the anonymous/pseudonymous poster wrote. It must have been blinkin’ bad to raise the ire of the normally fairly laissez-faire Bernard Hickey, barkeep and piano player at the frontier town saloon that is

See Bernard’s serious-sounding last warning: ‘You will be deleted.’

I recall there was a legendary Dr Who villain who used that phrase …

Anonymous commenting can lead to all sorts of toxic flannel, vitriol and smears. Good on them at for trying to keep it seemly and mucking out the stables.

‘Deletion’, seems pretty tough though.
See how it’s done, below the fold