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Now that’s what I call ‘news commentary’!

Steve Jobs defeats Bill Gates/Darth Vader and becomes the new Dark Lord harnessing mystical powers of the Force while laughing maniacly … oh boy, it’s good. Here’s an ‘artists impression'(?) of how Apple dealt with Gizmodo editor/receiver of stolen iPhone prototype Jason Chen: Watch the video at YouTube. Thanks to John (“My linking to these […]

iPhone thief’s accomplice stashes evidence at church(!) plus Gizmodo’s shameful blackmail …

So a judge has unsealed the evidence supporting the search warrant on [alleged] receiver of stolen G4 iPhone Gizmodo ‘editor’ Jason Chen who paid Brian Hogan thousands of dollars for the ‘lost’ prototype … and, as well as a pretty incriminating narrative of events, buried in it was a lovely line about ‘consciousness of guilt’ […]

Multi-touch = the future of interactivity

Not too long ago, this was just a gleam in a techie’s eye. Now look. It’s here. Meet the future of interactivity … what will we be able to do with this amazing technology?

Damage control re 4G iPhone: NOT ‘sold’, just ‘exclusive access’

This spin is being promoted: Gizmodo didn’t “buy” the lost/stolen/disassembled 4G iPhone prototype for US$5,000 … they just paid that money for “exclusive access” to it … that’s part of Brian J Hogan’s attorney’s positioning statement referred to here. Brian J. Hogan, a 21-year-old resident of Redwood City, California, says although he was paid by […]

A glimpse of the future?

For geeks only: Charlie Stross expounds on his version of the future of computing — and it’s far more than the ‘death to PCs viva everything in the cloud’ mantra. He extrapolates from recent statements and events surrounding Apple … I’ve got a theory, and it’s this: Steve Jobs believes he’s gambling Apple’s future — […]

iPhone ‘finder’ – a real sweet guy according to his attorney

Brian J Hogan, your fifteen minutes of fame start NOW. See Wired Records show a Redwood City address for Hogan about a mile from the bar where he found the phone. … His attorney says he recently transferred schools and will resume his college education in the fall. He has been working part time at […]

Even more convergence

OK this is getting spooky. After Dilbert climbed into the G4 iPhone prototype theft, now Jon Stewart has also … “buying” for the sake of his commentary the idea that Apple has the Silicon Valley police SWAT team in its pocket. And coining the term ‘Appholes’. Zing! Watch the full 8 min video clip at […]

Stating the obvious/sympathy for the dev… uh, Gizmodo’s Chen

Far be it from me to leap to conclusions about a police investigation, but let me say in response to this: It’s Cannabis & Co – cops By Alanah May Eriksen | NZ Herald | Wednesday Apr 28, 2010 A national indoor gardening chain would not have turned a profit if it hadn’t been knowingly […]

Nice reference to Godwin’s law

Remember Godwin’s Law? As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1. …but sometimes contracted to: ‘The first person to mention Hitler or the Nazis in an online argument loses’ Here’s a nice reference in a comment thread on the TUAW post I linked to earlier re […]

I think they call this convergence …

re the iPhone prototype that was, er, lost then fenced … Scott Adams Dilbert has a strip which shows truth is at least as strange as satire… Read it at And read this TUAW report of a Search Warrant being executed at the Gizmodo editor’s house. Oops. And here’s Fake Steve Jobs’ typical acid […]

Lost or stolen part 2 …

Apropos this … Lost iPhone prototype spurs police probe Silicon Valley police are investigating what appears to be a lost Apple iPhone prototype purchased by a gadget blog, a transaction that may have violated criminal laws, a law enforcement official told CNET on Friday. Apple has spoken to local police about the incident and the […]

4G iPhone – Lost or stolen?

Stolen, in my view, and poor media ethics to boot. Here’s Jeff Bercovici‘s “Why Apple Could Sue Gawker Over ‘Lost’ iPhone Story”. I understand the moral calculus they used. We all feel intuitively that picking up something that someone else left behind is not as bad as seizing it by force, stealth or deception. But […]

The ethical answer is to side with the victim

A nice example of thinking it through to journalistic integrity from Andy Ihnatko on the rumour and scuttlebutt about the possibly stolen ‘new 4th generation iPhone’ that was ‘found in a bar’. [cough splutter] Key quote: Let’s get back to my original question: what would I have done? We’ll never know for sure. But I […]

National Security Agency chief says his iPad is ‘wonderful’

We’re not sure what this means, if anything, about the security of Apple products. But in a [US] congressional hearing today, Apple’s wonder-tablet received the very unofficial endorsement of the country’s top security geek. Calls it “wonderful”. via Forbes

“It’s simple, details matter. A lot.” ISN’T an Apple fanboy blog … there are plenty of those … although I have, for years, appreciated Apple’s elegance, lack of cheap compromise (except for those PowerBooks made by Acer! 5300(?) Yikity yik! during the sans-Steve-Jobs era) and their obvious investment in great industrial design. It’s far, far more than skin deep. This […]