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Nice reference to Godwin’s law

Remember Godwin’s Law? As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1. …but sometimes contracted to: ‘The first person to mention Hitler or the Nazis in an online argument loses’ Here’s a nice reference in a comment thread on the TUAW post I linked to earlier re […]

A novel explanation of copyright and IP

© kiwiright from nu4mz on Vimeo. Worth watching and mostly good. But a specious argument (starts about 1.50) reveals a mindset: Do you know if you walk around town with a camera you’d be filming a lot of trademarked signs, You might have to get a permit for that. You might have to pay a […]

Did they jump or were they pushed?

Heads must roll… Fallout from last week’s blinding flash of the obvious, which I described as classic ‘provider capture’. Kneecapper and straightshooter Dame Margaret Bazley found that the Legal Services Agency was being routinely rorted by lawyers and that lawyers were effectively asserting control over the legal aid system. Four resign over scathing legal aid […]

Blinding flash of the obvious

Well, who’da thunk it? Doh! A classic case of Chicago School of Economics ‘public choice theory’ or ‘provider capture’. Read the full story for tales of (shock, horror) crooked lawyers playing the system. (Never!) Breathless reportage from the NZ Herald: A damning review of legal aid says a sea change is needed to fix a […]