Apparently this cool design is like a mascot/logo for LLVM compiler software

The LLVM logo is a stylized wyvern (a kind of dragon). Dragons have connotations of power, speed and intelligence, and can also be sleek, elegant, and modular (err, maybe not). In addition, there is a series of influential compiler books going back to 1977 which featured dragons on the cover. — source

I spotted the image at Jack Overfull’s website. Jack says he used LLVM to write a useful bit of Mac software called multiXFinder. I use multiXFinder every day now that the venerable Frank Vercruesse’s ASM doesn’t work any more … Mac diehards like me previously used ASM to give us a System 7-esque application switcher menu (ASM, geddit?) in the top right of our screens, a feature dropped in OSX.

Like, a decade ago.

Yeah, I resist change, sometimes.

– P