OK, it’s unofficial(?) Apple PR, but as well as being entertaining (always a plus) Jonathan Mann’s song is also a nice serving of ‘Let’s keep this in perspective‘.

Jonathan Mann song re Apple iPhone 4 antenna 'issues' (click for video)

“The media loves a failure in a string of successes / the facts won’t ever matter if they can make their bigger messes/ sure I can make it happen / but in terms of daily usage / I’ve yet to drop a call / so this whole damn thing is stupid.”

Chorus: “If you don’t want an iPhone4, don’t buy it! / If you bought one and you don’t like it, bring it back…”

Video below the fold …

More relevant (to me) is the news the iPhone 4 will be released in New Zealand — and 16 other countries — (list here at TUAW) on July 30th.