I see in the US a clumsy someone’s launched a class action lawsuit against Apple over the ‘durability’ of the iPhone 4 glass screens … not tough enough for some butter fingers.

Funny, I’ve had iPhones for a few years, including the iPhone 4 and haven’t damaged them. Lucky, I guess.

That said, on the TV news I spotted Dave Gibson, leader of NZ band Elemeno P using his iPhone 3GS to check Facebook comments about his band not being ‘Christian-enough’ for the Parachute Christian Music Festival they are headlining at … oops. (Apparently it’s the second one he’s broken! Rock stars!)

Dave Gibson's smashed iPhone still works! (image TVNZ - click to watch video)

Let’s face it: ‘Durable’ doesn’t mean ‘indestructible’.

Psion Series 5 — not tough enough IMO.

Not that I’m completely unsympathetic, I broke TWO then state-of-the-art Psion Series 5 organisers in pretty tame accidents (like, bag fell off chair in cafe). Its much-more-robust predecessor, the Series 3, I dropped off my car roof onto concrete with hardly a blemish … a couple of times(!) The Series 5 just wasn’t robust enough in the housing — not shockproof enough. But we didn’t sue them. (My wife broke the screen of her Palm Tungsten once, too. Gee. we’re starting to sound as clumsy as the Californian litigant!) My iPhones have fared pretty well so far.

What’s your experience?