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Left and Right: useful when doing the hokey cokey, but past its use-by date for politics?

“I put my right hand in, I put my right hand out, In out, in out. shake it all about. …” — words to the popular 1940s participation song (from Wikipedia) Prompted by Bill Ralston’s use of the label ‘the Left’ above and an earlier comment in another thread wherein Ivan says: I’m not a […]

Criticism and questioning are part of your job description, Mrs Collins. Get over it.

Apropos my post ‘With respect, Mr Key, you misjudge me.‘ I had a trifling interaction with another government politician under siege this week. I’ve been researching an article about Justice minister Judith Collins — specifically the criticisms of her handling of the David Bain compensation issue. (You may recall my sense of genuine regret and […]

With respect, Mr Key, you misjudge me.

In an interview broadcast on state broadcaster (well, for now) TVNZ’s Q&A current affairs programme this morning, John Key characterised New Zealanders who’ve expressed dissent about his GCSB Bill, and specifically the thousands of us who took part in protest rallies throughout the country yesterday, as “either politically aligned or misinformed“. Listen to this 20 […]

Photos from Auckland ‘Stop the GCSB Bill’ rally

Here are some photos of the main speakers at today’s ‘Stop the GCSB Bill’ rally in Auckland. Click to view them larger. Feel free to use these images if you wish (with picture credit to Peter Aranyi, please) or contact me to get a higher resolution file.

‘Stop the GCSB Bill’ rallies and marches today

You may have heard there were protest rallies around New Zealand today, demonstrating public opposition to John Key’s proposed expansion of surveillance powers of the GCSB. I went along to the Auckland one. It was packed. Here’s a panorama I took of the crowd at Aotea Square (it’s two photos stitched). For me, one of […]

Justifying mass surveillance with ‘terror threat’ is a right wing talking point

All over the world right wing politicians are justifying encroachments on their citizens’ civil liberties with references to the 9-11 terrorist attack or the spectre of a similar outrage. In the US, Republican presidential-possible Governor Chris Christie has just had a crack at it, whacking ‘libertarian’ concerns about privacy and civil liberties as ‘esoteric’ or […]

Must-read essay on John Key’s proposed spying laws

New Zealander of the Year Dame Anne Salmond has used Prime Minister John Key’s own warnings while Leader of the Opposition about ‘threats to democracy’ to condemn his planned law changes empowering the country’s spy agencies. In an essay published by the NZ Herald today, the highly respected author accuses the National Party-led government of […]

Mourning public figures The Right Way

I stayed out of a spitting contest on Twitter where a couple of imprudently timed tweets by Matthew Hooton anticipating an electoral contest in Parekura Horomia’s seat, now that he’s died, sparked a tide of abuse. (Just shows a spin doctor/PR supremo like Matthew can mis-step, too.) Now, Matthew is perfectly entitled to try to […]

‘Any extreme is the wrong place to be.’

I saw this interchange on Twitter today (that doesn’t make it ‘news’) and agreed with the conclusions. Having myself just said to a commenter here: It’s foolish to judge a ‘side’ by its extremists, as I’m sure you agree. A beehive staffer I follow on Twitter reported her Minister received an “Email from the NZ […]

Steven Joyce’s hyperbolic response to an Opposition policy announcement

Wow. I heard and saw some response from NZ government figures to the joint Labour/Green announcement of policy concerned with electricity market reform. Ministers Steven Joyce and Simon Bridges apparently couldn’t wait to slam the policy vociferously, taking the opportunity of ‘stand-ups’ in Parliament’s hallways to foam at the mouth issue a comment. Having paid no […]

Recognising culture war as … ‘War’. Not pretty.

The same sex marriage bill [Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill] passed in the NZ Parliament last night, to much jubliation from its supporters. Like many others, I watched the debate with members of my family live on Parliament TV. It was history in the making. Lew Stoddart, blogging at Kiwipolitico today (see: Recognising the […]

The power of labels (even in crossword clues)

Yesterday, in my typically discursive fashion, in ‘Uncertainty vs certainty. Growing out of old beliefs‘. I reflected on same-sex marriage law reform (or ‘marriage equality’). I wrote that as our thinking matures and we make friends with uncertainty, matters can seem to move beyond what we’re told is true and, for a time, believe to […]

John Key toughens up? “Forearmed is forewarned (sic), I’m going to change.”

I enjoy the rough and tumble of Radio LIVE’s duo Willie & JT. I’ve said before their ‘political hour’ is a highlight with its irreverent argy-bargy. Who can forget Willie Jackson’s rejoinder to Matthew Hooton “right wing fascist mongrels like you”? They’re an oasis. The show offers a refreshing, robust counterpoint to the earnest, often […]

Quantifying stalkers

We’ve talked before about my negative view of fake social media profiles and sock puppets, and how I think impersonation of someone (whether well-known or just pretending to be a real person other than yourself) is unacceptable. See: Spoofing David Fisher and Anonymous comment vs IMPERSONATION It’s one thing to consistently use an internet ‘handle’, […]

Monochrome. I knew it!

From Andrew Sullivan … Yep. Makes perfect sense. – P You might be interested in reading this: Tribalism.