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Making up words to keep the patrons entertained?

Saw this visiting family in Wellington. I guess the locals are used to it, but I spluttered. – P

Adding colour to history

Here, via the Twisted Sifter blog, is a historical, iconic photo with colour added after the fact. As a photographer I've always liked B/W imagery. In a lot of cases, but by no means all (and some spectacular exceptions) the amount of “information” added by colour can be minimal — but clearly, colour is more […]

Still delightful. Mila Kunis

I saw this at the time (March this year) and found it charming … stumbled across it again today and still chuckled. If you haven’t watched, see if you enjoy Mila Kunis enjoying a little bit of welcome variety on the PR treadmill … – P

Trying to make Google’s glasses look glamourous

I had to chuckle when I spotted a request online for a picture of someone ‘attractive’ wearing Google’s somewhat creepy wearable spy camera/computer — then saw the request responded to with this picture from Google’s original marketing material (i.e. a posed professional model): She’s gorgeous, no question. But, of course, she’s being paid for her […]

Celebrating cartoonists. Art and politics.

Ah, the power of creating an immersive imaginary world. And yeah, it’s ART alright. No question. Garry Trudeau’s very sharp Doonesbury is still my all-time-favourite for all kinds of reasons. Locally (New Zealand) I like Tom Scott (see this & this) with honourable mentions (gee, I cite them here at The Paepae frequently enough!) to […]

A old joke with a new twist cites @PeterDunneMP

Spotted in East Tamaki today: Nice reference to United Future Party’s re-registration woes and Peter Dunne’s recent … er … elevated public profile. Smart advertising. – P PS the reverse side is a reference to Tony Soprano!

Neutral Tones

I heard an extract of this poem on Radio 4 recently, and was struck. Wow. It’s not that it resonated with any application or relevance to my own life (well, not presently) … I just admired the power of Hardy’s use of language to convey his melancholy. Here’s Sarah Cookson reading it from a 1992 […]

Astonishing use of Photoshop to bend reality (John Key edition – episode 2)

Remember this?: …well I thought that was amazing use of Photoshop. But look at THIS: Astonishing! The image appeared in my Twitter stream. I don’t know who the artist is. (If you do, drop me a line in comments below or at this address, and I’ll update it.) In an effort to locate its provenance, […]

Sights and SOUNDS of coffee being made

Yeah, I’m a coffee addict. I’ve also worked in broadcast engineering, and specifically, acoustics. So this video from Diego Stocco appeals to me on all sorts of levels … Diego Stocco – Huge Coffee from Diego Stocco on Vimeo. Yum. Of course, for many of us, the aroma is the best part of coffee. So, […]

Not a bad looking logo

I like good graphic design. I pay for it on the books and other projects we publish because I think it adds something valuable. See the communication tag here at The Paepae for a few random examples of graphics that have taken my fancy. This logo (below) an Android Twitter app called Falcon Pro, appeals to […]

Metro magazine poster promotion. Works for me.

I spotted this promo for Metro magazine near my office in Epsom today and thought, Yeah, they’ve done that well … The question form (factoid-factoid-blah-blah. Why is that?’) seems like old-school Ogilvy-Mather stuff. But … it seems effective to me. It engages. What do you think? – P

Very cool Macbeth school production poster

How cool is this?: Shepard Fairey’s Obama HOPE poster spawned a style, almost a language … the controversy over his deceit about source materials notwithstanding. – P Via my friend Dagmar.

A wonderful NZ short film ‘The Six Dollar Fifty Man’

I hadn’t seen this … The Six Dollar Fifty Man from NZ Shorts on Vimeo.

Computer coding as super power

I was a geek way back, too. – P PS: Look at all the Macs! hat tip:

A better Bond 50 year montage

Cool. – P via Dave Pell