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Nice logo, nice sentiment

This design appeals to me. Simple. Unified. Consistent. Good. I like it. And here’s their associated tagline which I like too … although I probably read something else into ‘media freedom‘ given my background  — more John Pilger/Amnesty International/WikiLeaks than TV shows over wifi, huh? – P

Great photo!

An interesting article about Mark Twain impersonators in the New York Times was illustrated with this fabulous photo by Candice Nyando: Read the article at

Spotted on the road … gulp

First time I’ve seen this … I saw this on my travels this morning. I guess that’s one time you don’t want to be using a van with your business sign-writing all over it. – P

Another good graphic #4

This works as a headline, as far as I’m concerned. Reproduced here as part of my occasional series about graphics that communicate. I saw a comment about a pile of a billion (or was it a trillion?) dollars stretching to the moon and back. This pic helps visualise a pile of money. Well done Huffington […]

Yet another good graphic …

The latest in my series of graphics that communicate … This one from a brief article, ‘The Mental Anchor of Money Mistakes’ by Carl Richards in the New York Times:

Another good graphic

From Is it true? Dunno. I guess so. Like this morning’s example, the graphic tells a story all by itself.

What a good graphic!

I like this graphic from the NZ Herald just now — it puts today’s small Official Cash Rate interest rate rise in perspective nicely. Well done. Here’s the story (if you care) at the NZ Herald. My only point was: This is a good use of graphics to communicate. That graph does remind me of […]