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Cool video

PAIFF 2012 Festival Trailer – Tribute to Eadweard Muybridge: The Man Who Made Pictures Move from Palo Alto Int'l Film Festival on Vimeo.


I spotted this poster on a wall near my office in Epsom (John Banks country) and it reminded me of a time long ago in the omigod 1980s when I ran a street theatre company with a group of Christian friends. I wrote our scripts and acted in or narrated many of them. ‘Wholemeal Theatre […]

State capitalism, a great image from Der Spiegel

Dragon imagery and hanging on to past Mac OS functionality

Apparently this cool design is like a mascot/logo for LLVM compiler software … The LLVM logo is a stylized wyvern (a kind of dragon). Dragons have connotations of power, speed and intelligence, and can also be sleek, elegant, and modular (err, maybe not). In addition, there is a series of influential compiler books going back […]

Art. Sometimes it surprises.

‘Lives of Grass’ by Mathilde Roussel Visit this page at to see more. – P

Parody of the ‘booty shot’

Classic: Revised: Artist Kevin Bolk: This is a parody of this promo art for the Avengers movie. I couldn’t help but notice that in most of the ad material, the guys are all in heroic stances but Black Widow is almost always in an impractical, curved-spine “booty shot” pose. Figured I’d flip it around for […]

Origin of the word ‘deadline’

I visited my pal and fellow publisher Roger briefly in Wellington last week. One of the many things we share in common is a quirky interest in words — old or new, interesting words and unusual derivations. Roger mentioned the word deadline which we live and die by (ahem, not literally, keep reading) in publishing […]

Be of good cheer

Spotted this encouraging message on the way to town… Um … OK. – P

Hitchcock’s ‘Rear Window’ panorama

Following my own recent humble stumblings in time-lapse photography, here … Via Jason Kottke, this stitched together time-lapse panorama of the scene outside the window of Hitchcock’s classic film is, apparently, accurate. Wow. Follow the link on Jason’s site to the ‘how this was made’ page. Extraordinary. -P

What do you think?

Sign on the ferry back from camp yesterday. When I read ‘body parts’ I think ‘dismembered’. Am I wrong? – P Update: You know, like chicken pieces.

When hyper-linking gets in the way

From a good article Why Christian Science Monitor stories have too many links, wrong ones by Justin Martin writing at Poynter: A visible link in a news story is a caesura, a stoppage that forces a cognitive pause. The word “caesura” is a poetry term and, just as in poetic writing, literary pauses must be […]

Oh, wow. Enjoy

I like these optical illusions … it’s NOT moving. Even more here at Thanks to Jeremy Parkinson. – P  

Iconic graphic spreads

Family back from visiting Thailand earlier this week brought me back these images based on the iconic interpretation of the Apple logo to mark Steve Jobs’ passing. I read the guy who developed the graphic Jonathan Mak Long‘s humble ‘I’m not sure if I’m first with this idea…’ message when he published it … and […]

Another good graphic

Another in my series of ‘graphics that communicate‘ … this poster design for an upcoming event in Leigh next month really appeals to me: Now the funny things is, I found the poster because this morning Facebook recommended I ‘friend’ Tame Iti (since we have four friends in common) and I wandered over to his […]

Great pic!

OK, it’s not an original idea but, my hat’s off to shutterbug Sarah Ivey for this very engaging execution of the form — Nadia Lim, winner of Masterchef NZ leaps for joy at One Tree Hill. Well done! credit: NZ Herald