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Someone on the Conservative Party website asks …

What’s the deal with all these ‘conspiracy theories’ that have been touted about in the media of late? The media are having a field day! It must be a low news week for them or something!
– Maria

“Here’s a response released by Colin Craig today;”

Ask Colin Conservative Party

Mischievous Media should not lose sight of Main Issues

Thursday, 5 December 2013, 1:36 pm
Press Release: Conservative Party
Mischievous Media should not lose sight of Main Issues

Colin Craig says he “hopes the media who have in the past few days mischievously and inaccurately credited him with a belief in conspiracy theories will not be forgetting that this Christmas there are New Zealanders who are facing major challenges.”

“I have recently returned from Christchurch where many homes are still not repaired and it’s finding solutions to problems like that that occupies my time” he said “not keeping current on the latest conspiracy theories. I realise people can get very serious about these theories but I haven’t had the time to look into them.”

“I believe I have now been asked about at least a dozen different conspiracy theories and my answer remains the same. I simply don’t know enough about theories to give comment and suggest the questions be asked of those who are better informed on them. Refusing to pass comment on these matters is not the same as believing the theories are true. “

Mr Craig said he is “taking the mischief making by media in good humour”, although he was a bit surprised when a friend contacted him yesterday concerned that Mr Craig may be in doubt about the moon landings. “I admit that surprised me” says Mr Craig

“Certainly the media are making a good story out of this and using a fair bit of licence. I have always thought man did go to the moon and said so to media interviewers but not all media chose to portray my views that way”. Mr Craig joked that he has “rejected the conspiracy theory that suggests the media are alien beings despite their unpredictable behaviour.”

In response to the Prime Ministers suggestion that Mr Craig is winding the media up deliberately Mr Craig admitted his “casual responses have been provocative”. “I shall be less casual with my responses in the future” says Mr Craig[.]

I must say, that vow to be ‘less casual with my responses’ echoes this from John Key, remember?:
John Key toughens up? “Forearmed is forewarned (sic), I’m going to change.”

How’s that working out?

– P