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Can you dig it?

From a Huffington Post comment thread: CHANGE is a process, not an event. I love President Obama. ++++++++++ +++++++++ + ++++++++ ++ +++++ ++++++++++ +++###### # ++++++++ ++ +++++++ ++++++++++ +######## # ###+++++ ++ +++++++ + ++++++++++ ######### # #####+++ ++ +++++++ + +++++++++# ####+++++ + ++###+++ ++ +++++++ ++++++++## #++++++++ + +++###++ ++ +++++++ […]

Obama — a version of America we can identify with

As I mentioned, I’m reading Robert McCrum’s Globish, and really enjoying it. After digesting a pretty gruelling part of the history of English: 300 years of slavery, the settlement of America, the American Revolutionary War, the Civil War and the ‘end’ of slavery, followed by the bankrupt introduction of Jim Crow laws and segregation, and […]


I’m going to come out and say it: I like what I know of Rahm Emanual and I wish him well. I like him for all sorts of intangiable reasons but mainly because of his role in getting Obama elected; and his crucial (not too strong a word) support in getting the Obama health care […]

Breathtaking, powerful writing: Put up or Shut up

Read this blog post from Roger Ebert. Wow. In part, discussing the hateful manipulation of segments of the public by so-called ‘moral leaders’ Ebert refers to the billionaire who said closing tax loopholes was like invading Poland. Hyperbole and exaggeration are good indicators of a ‘con’. Seriously, read it here. One of the best lines: […]

Lessons about lying from ‘expert’ Dean Letfus

Last week in my post about Tall Poppy syndrome being the last refuge of the scoundrel I mentioned property spruiker Dean Letfus’s apparent reluctance to answer criticism … What I DO find interesting, however, is that the spruiker in question, Dean Letfus, doesn’t actually answer my criticism — of (a) his marketing methods, (b) his […]

Leadership — not always about popularity

That’s what I’m talking about. Enough with the pious BS from the religious right and those looking for a smokescreen or trying to earn brownie points with their one-eyed supporters. WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Friday forcefully endorsed allowing a mosque near ground zero, saying the country’s founding principles demanded no less. “As a […]

Talk about product placement!

Funny, I’ve got one of those MacBook Pro laptops like the one President Obama used to demo the new website … but mine doesn’t have the Presidential seal plastered over the Apple logo. Jeez, those of us using Macs used to be ‘oddballs’, ‘outlaws’ and renegades (‘the elite’ I always used to say, which […]

Barack Obama’s Facebook Feed Very funny.

Well, who is?

Frankly, I’d worry if he said he was 100% certain. (Good on him for admitting it.) There are two aspects of this job that I think are relevant to this discussion. One is that if the problem has a clear solution, then it doesn’t land on my desk. Somebody else has solved it. So the […]

Wow, BRILLIANT writing!

Petulance and the Prize By Garrison Keillor New York Times October 14, 2009 – Evidently some people were disappointed that Dick Cheney didn’t receive the Nobel Peace Prize, and believe me, I sympathize — I thought Philip Roth should’ve gotten the literature prize instead of that grumpy Romanian lady with the severe hair — […]

A tale of two mental states (continued)

…some thoughts on the news media, and a lesson from Barack Obama Following on from an earlier discussion about market cycles being driven by alternating waves of pessimism and optimism, I’d like to examine another angle of this ‘social mood’ aspect of the market, warn you about those who would exploit it… and pick up […]