via Robot … well worth watching:

Pay attention to what he says about the risks of speaking out versus the risks of ‘exposure’ of the material (PRISM etc). Yet, without the courage to face those, where would we be?

Remember, Daring — if there was no risk it wouldn’t take guts.

“I did not do this to be safe. I did this to do what was right.
I’m not going to stop my work in the public interest just to benefit myself.”
— Edward Snowden

‘Terrorism threat’

Here’s a crucial section (audio clip) from the talk, where Snowden exposes governmental calls of ‘Terrorism threat!’ as a fig leaf for what spy agencies want to do anyway. According to Snowden, Terrorism threat is ‘a cover for action’:

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We’re not immune to the deployment of that ‘talking point’ here in lil ol’ New Zealand. You might recall this from Justifying mass surveillance with ‘terror threat’ is a right wing talking point during the GCSB power expansion debate (NZ Prime Minister John Key speaking):

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What does that make you think?

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