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Watch this MacBook’s fate and try not to wince

– P via Thanks to AK.

NYPD promotes iOS7 security features

It’s pretty clear there’s a market for ‘hot’ Apple devices — ‘hot’ as in stolen! The police think reducing a device’s ability to be reset after theft from its lawful owner will reduce the market. Hence, as Michael Hoffman (@Hoffm) discovered, NYPD are promoting the new security feature of Apple’s iOS7 … with a public […]

iOS7 — no worries

Every now and then one has to ignore the doomsayers. Earlier today I downloaded and installed Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS7 on my iPhone (5) and iPad (2). No issues. Of course, now I’m reading about a worldwide internet traffic spike and terrible delays and Apple’s servers being ‘slammed’ and yada yada … There […]

‘Space gray’? Where have I heard that before? Oh, yes.

Apple has announced a new iPhone model — discontinuing mine in the process. (Does that make it a collectors item? Yep.) The new iPhone 5S comes in three colours: Silver, Gold, and Black, er,  Slate, er, ‘Space Gray‘. What? I knew I’d heard that colour description before … Ah. Stickin’ with the top end marketing programme […]

What is holding these yachts on the water? Just gravity?

I am digging the America’s Cup races so far. But one thing that perplexes me is how far out of the water these catamarans ride. (That, and their astonishing speed.) At one point in one of today’s races, the Team NZ boat made a turn (tack? sorry, I’m not up on the nautical terms) and […]

Oh zing!

Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber cherry-picks a review of Samsung’s ‘smart watch’ (for the full review, see: Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Watch) then sums up: About the best you could expect from Samsung without having anything to copy from Apple: overpriced, ugly, laggy UI, terrible battery life, dubious utility. Oh. – P

Those Google glasses. Gee, you hardly notice them after a while …

Yeah, we’re not there yet. – P

Adding colour to history

Here, via the Twisted Sifter blog, is a historical, iconic photo with colour added after the fact. As a photographer I've always liked B/W imagery. In a lot of cases, but by no means all (and some spectacular exceptions) the amount of “information” added by colour can be minimal — but clearly, colour is more […]

Yet another beautiful model with the geek glasses

Remember I mentioned in ‘Trying to make Google’s glasses look glamourous‘ how the strategy seemed to be: Juxtapose beautiful women with the Google Glass in hopes for a bit of glamour rub off? Yeah, that. – P

My daughter is still using this iPhone

I mentioned the misfortune which this noble iPhone 3G suffered. Well, it’s still going. – P Pic: At TEDx Auckland today.

Time to say goodbye … (Alas iPhone 3G, I knew thee well.)

I bought this trusty white 16GB iPhone 3G the day they were launched in New Zealand in July 2008. It survived a few close calls while in my care, but I passed it, virtually unscathed, to my darling wife … who used it for a couple of years until she inherited my iPhone 4 last […]

Steve Jobs movie trailer

I missed the Facebook movie, The Social Network, mainly because of disrespect. (I’ll catch it sometime.) But yeah, I’ll definitely go and see this one. – P

Samsung Galaxy S III explodes in girl’s pocket, burns her leg badly

Back in the 1990s, like today, I was the proud owner of a procession of Apple laptops including, for a while, a PowerBook 5300ce — the model that was dubbed ‘the FireBook’ after a widely reported incident where one of them burst into flames on a desk when its battery (manufactured by Sony?) overheated. My […]

Not a bad looking logo

I like good graphic design. I pay for it on the books and other projects we publish because I think it adds something valuable. See the communication tag here at The Paepae for a few random examples of graphics that have taken my fancy. This logo (below) an Android Twitter app called Falcon Pro, appeals to […]

Better than a power cut, I guess

If my responses to your comments and emails are a little slower than usual, here’s why: That slender cable is my (and my neighbours down the street from that point) connection to the outside world (phone/internet). It’s been like that since the 8th of June: 8/6/13 10:57 am From Telecom Support: Your Land Line issue […]