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4G iPhone – Lost or stolen?

Stolen, in my view, and poor media ethics to boot. Here’s Jeff Bercovici‘s “Why Apple Could Sue Gawker Over ‘Lost’ iPhone Story”. I understand the moral calculus they used. We all feel intuitively that picking up something that someone else left behind is not as bad as seizing it by force, stealth or deception. But […]

The ethical answer is to side with the victim

A nice example of thinking it through to journalistic integrity from Andy Ihnatko on the rumour and scuttlebutt about the possibly stolen ‘new 4th generation iPhone’ that was ‘found in a bar’. [cough splutter] Key quote: Let’s get back to my original question: what would I have done? We’ll never know for sure. But I […]

National Security Agency chief says his iPad is ‘wonderful’

We’re not sure what this means, if anything, about the security of Apple products. But in a [US] congressional hearing today, Apple’s wonder-tablet received the very unofficial endorsement of the country’s top security geek. Calls it “wonderful”. via Forbes

“It’s simple, details matter. A lot.” ISN’T an Apple fanboy blog … there are plenty of those … although I have, for years, appreciated Apple’s elegance, lack of cheap compromise (except for those PowerBooks made by Acer! 5300(?) Yikity yik! during the sans-Steve-Jobs era) and their obvious investment in great industrial design. It’s far, far more than skin deep. This […]

iPad — ‘pure innovation’

Mac geek Andy Ihnatko calls the Apple iPad ‘pure innovation, one of best computers ever’. Read his review at Chicago Sun-Times. Oh boy! Stephen Fry’s eloquent, gushy iPad/Steve Jobs piece in TIME is good too, and I had the same thing occur to me as his last line: One melancholy thought occurs as my fingers […]

Apple iPad: Here it comes …

Fake Steve Jobs Daniel Lyons (writing as, er, Daniel Lyons) in Newsweek puts a compelling case for: Why The iPad Will Change Everything Jobs is a relentless perfectionist whose company creates such beautifully designed products that they have changed our expectations about how everything around us should work. He has an uncanny ability to cook […]

Engaging… (iPad)

I’m not all aquiver like some of the media, but this DOES look like a new doorway to me… Cool. (Premiered during TV coverage of the 2010 Academy Awards today.)

I love geeks

From the support FAQ page of Instapaper (following the normal software-specific support Q’s): Why does my iced coffee taste so bland? It’s probably diluted with too much melted ice. Brew it more strongly and chill it before serving — never pour hot coffee over ice. The ice should only be used to keep it cold, […]

Quote of the week

“We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours” — Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs announcing IP/patent lawsuit against HTC. It’ll be interesting to see how this works out.

That’s a LOT of page views … (and SPAM & bots)

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from Jesse Thomas on Vimeo.

More iPad preamble – “a clear window into the software”

“People who are focussed on the hardware are missing  the key thing: – software and services” – Walt Mossberg  Wall St Journal “One thing you have to understand about this gadget is that the gadget disappears pretty quickly. You’re looking into pure software.”  – David Carr  NY Times On the Amazon Kindle: “It looked like […]

The rise (and fall) of the value of online advertising

Following a report on Apple boss Steve Jobs pitiching the iPad distribution channel to NY newspaper chiefs… The highlighted bit (see below) about online advertising space being (a) infinite in supply and therefore (b) valueless accords with my thinking (although I am not a genius, nor all that experienced). I’ve done some online advertising and […]

Apple’s iPad: “a replacement for computing”

“The iPad isn’t the future of computing; it’s a replacement for computing.” — Mike Monteiro, A vision of the future…. As many others have noted, the release of the iPad might be the cannonball into the consumer device pool the iPhone dipped its toes in. It’s also been referred to as a thing that sits between […]