This, from Deborah Hill Cone’s farewell column Black-and-white thoughts on a world of grey in the NZ Herald today echoes something …

I just write because I’m trying to work out things for myself, which is shamefully indulgent. So I really should be thanking you, Dear Fabulous Readers, after all.
Thing is, we’re all just trying to find our own truths.

Yeah. I know what she means. This is how I put it in Why am I doing this? Muckraking?:

The value of writing for ourselves: Writing to work out what I think

Sometimes I don’t know what I think or feel about a topic until I have a go at expressing it.

I have been taught (and I believe today) that what we sometimes call our ‘intuition‘ is the sum total of our experiences. That includes ‘non-verbal’ knowledge or ‘I-haven’t-quite-made-the-connection’-type links between different forces and facets of a situation or an issue. People are complicated. Sometimes our conclusions can be unspoken, nascent — subterranean, buried in our consciousness.

With luck (and a protracted endeavour to ‘express a thought’) I can find my way into or through complex matters through reflection and consideration, some of that through written exploration. It can be an effort, it can take time. But as John F Kennedy said: “Too often… we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

I am one of those who do like to process things mentally. (‘That’s just how I roll.’ {snort})

I try to always be aware that we are each emotional beings (children, really, eh?) I’d be the first to admit we cannot gain access to our deeper selves, our souls, through purely mental means … but it can help.

Meditation and reflection, and discussion, thinking-out-loud, and writing one’s thoughts can uncover conclusions, decisions and truths — truths our reactive minds, unexpressed, just could not get to.

So, that’s why I do this. For the journey of discovery.

Good luck Deborah. Thanks.

– P