Some of the most-viewed posts, in order, at in March …


  1. Calling our haters like Cameron Slater
  2. How do you spell phishing? A scam targeting Dropbox users
  3. Why has @TheNBR been so #slippery about their apology to Phil Kitchin and @DomPost?
  4. Judith Collins promotes her tame attack blogger
  5. Facebook as ‘digiphrenia’ or technology that misrepresents us
  6. No confidence vote in chairman Michael Williams PASSED but he remains in place.
  7. Mr Phil Jones: re-heating cold horseshit
  8. About The Paepae
  9. By an amazing coincidence
  10. An excellent primer on why the Treaty of Waitangi applies to ‘modern stuff’ like the radio spectrum
  11. Beware the ubiquitous PDF? Really?
  12. A rich Green comedy performance from Matthew Hooton
  13. My favourite right wing vixens branch out
  14. I like Mihingarangi Forbes
  15. Howick Deputy Chair Adele White speaks up: Tells Chairman Michael Williams his failure to properly address his recent drink-driving conviction and his manipulative bullying is damaging the Howick Local Board’s reputation


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