Some of the most-viewed posts at in February …


  1. We was brung up proper!
  2. Cameron Slater is social media “beef lasagne”
  3. An update on Michael Williams and the Howick Local Board
  4. Beware the ubiquitous PDF? Really?
  5. Top 10 NZ property investment books – Auckland City Libraries
  6. Mr Phil Jones: re-heating cold horseshit
  7. Let a little air in, @BarnsleyBill.
  8. About The Paepae
  9. On one’s motivations for a rant
  10. The dissatisfying hollowness of @BarnsleyBill, Russsell Beaumont’s internet imposter
  11. Watchdog issues warning about Sean Wood Property Tutors enterprise
  12. So who CAN afford a house?
  13. Facebook as ‘digiphrenia’ or technology that misrepresents us
  14. Linking to sources — why it’s vital for credibility (Case study: property spruiker Sean Wood)
  15. Colin Craig: getting ahead in politics by being polarising

Again, it intrigues me what’s ‘popular’.

– P