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Is this what we want? Internet ‘take down’ and indefinite gagging orders?

I didn’t want to be the one who ‘broke the news’ that, as the Herald on Sunday‘s Kathryn Powley put it in her story ‘Blogger told to stop‘: a blogger has been ordered to remove dozens of posts and comments from her website and issued with a restraining order against a lawyer she harassed on-line. […]

Whoa! As a critic, this popped me between the eyes.

“Every time I assume a talented person isn’t painfully aware of the flaws in their work, I am wrong.” That’s a line in the middle of a thoughtful review/first impressions account of the pre-release iPhone/iPad software iOS7 by Frank Chimero. But as someone who is critical, sometimes repeatedly critical, of various people and institutions, his […]

A good, measured response to personal criticism

Criticism of Welsh opera crossover singer Katherine Jenkins — whom I last mentioned (respectfully) here: Using your marketing ‘assets’ — makes Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir look petty and shabby. Apparently the beautiful and talented Ms Jenkins used her participation in the recent London Marathon (impressed yet?) to raise £25,000 for a cancer charity. Ms […]

John Key toughens up? “Forearmed is forewarned (sic), I’m going to change.”

I enjoy the rough and tumble of Radio LIVE’s duo Willie & JT. I’ve said before their ‘political hour’ is a highlight with its irreverent argy-bargy. Who can forget Willie Jackson’s rejoinder to Matthew Hooton “right wing fascist mongrels like you”? They’re an oasis. The show offers a refreshing, robust counterpoint to the earnest, often […]

Vi Hart’s Guide to Comments

If you’ve ever felt a sting from someone knocking your creative work (or your expressions of opinion, comments about people you like, or the way you approached a situation*), here’s a wonderful ‘guide’ from Vi Hart. – P *I copped a bit of what she calls ‘disappointed high-horse’ (5:10 in the video) from Ivan the […]

We are ALL self-righteous hypocrites

So, I’ve finally found the space to read Jonathan Haidt’s masterpiece The Righteous Mind which was a much-appreciated Christmas gift. I’m enjoying it. Very persuasive. A slam in the early pages is this: “… the take home message of the book is ancient. It is the realisation we are all self-righteous hypocrites.” Well! OK then. […]

Let a little air in, @BarnsleyBill

This evil-looking device (right) is a Trocar self-piercing ventilation tube, used in medical procedures where inserting one of these into a patient’s infected body will help save their life through ‘aeration’ or by helping with ‘drainage of secretions’. I bet inserting one of these hurts like hell. But it beats suffocating … or festering in […]

A message to all potentates facing criticism, or worse, mockery

Parasitic bloggers – yes, John Armstrong is right. Exactly

It was good to see some ‘pushback’ from the NZ Herald‘s veteran political columnist John Armstrong against second-guessing armchair critics (who happen to be bloggers). In an article originally titled:Blogging parasites don’t let the facts get in the way with the subtitle: Cheap shots at press corps based largely on ignorance and show no regard […]

The D-word. Name-calling in place of intellectual debate

A nice line from Stanley Fish’s New York Times review of right wing polemicist Dinesh D’Souza’s ninety minute anti-Obama campaign ad masquerading as a feature film … … While a viewer could certainly disagree with D’Souza’s analysis of the genesis and emergence of Obama’s views, it is nevertheless an analysis to which one could respond […]

Acknowledgements page as self-promotion and commercial message. Ha!

For my author friends … a description of the ‘undercurrent of faux-modest self-promotion [which] runs like a viral strain throughout every acknowledgments page’. (We refer to them as ‘Ackowledgements’ — an inside joke after an unfortunate and undetected-until-too-late typographical error.) A lively, little-bit-snarky, enjoyable read: Against Acknowledgments by Sam Sacks at the New Yorker magazine. […]

Please read this post

This one: ‘Everything we know about you guys is wrong‘ Sometimes I feel I can’t improve on a thought, or how I expressed it first. – P

Using hyperlinks defensively. A smart idea.

I’ve had [negative] feedback from some of those whom I address here (my ‘targets’ … in the nicest possible way, as Kenny Everett used to say) about my ‘cross-linking’ and ‘interweaving’ examples or evidence of my assessments and assertions. I do it deliberately, as I have pointed out before (see Scoundrels), because it’s my habit/practice […]

Criticism or demonisation? Thoughts about The Standard’s treatment of the Paganis

I personally still don’t buy the ‘left wingers making death threats’ spin promulgated recently with faux ‘outrage’, ‘sympathy’ and ‘concern’ by certain right wing political propagandists. (see: ‘Wailing about death threats, forgetting what they’ve written themselves‘) They’re just exploiting the evident divisions between some on ‘the left’. As they do. Making hay while the sun […]

Bad behaviour online – NetHui

These notes (by Nat Torkington @gnat — available as google doc here) are from discussion/part of Judge David Harvey‘s presentation at Nethui underway now in Auckland. They directly touch on some of the recent discussion we’ve had on the topic of online free speech and harassment. [Harvey:] This session looking at bad behaviour online. Law […]