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I guess it depends what you mean by ‘highlights’ Eddie. (Wonderful!)

I’ve expressed before my enormous respect for broadcaster Eddie Mair who hosts BBC Radio 4’s PM news hour. He is silky smooth, a highly capable radio host and an intelligent, persistent interviewer whose voice often betrays a delightful sense of humour, a warm chuckle, and occasionally, gentle mockery, as in his interview with a squirming […]

Boris Johnson plays the ‘What people really want to know’ card — futilely

Eddie Mair presents an afternoon news and current affairs show, PM, on BBC Radio 4 which I listen to two or three times a week on my TuneIn Radio app. Mair is undoubtedly one of the best interviewers I have ever heard, and I’ve worked with/for a few good ones in my time. He is […]

BBC – ‘The Interview’: Tony Blair

I listened to this interview twice last night (as a podcast).   I was impressed with Blair and his argument, I have to say. I always thought he was a great communicator, but didn’t expect to be struck, even inspired by his reasoned resoluteness and his thoughts about the challenge of radical Islam and Iran’s […]