Broadcaster Eddie Mair.

I’ve expressed before my enormous respect for broadcaster Eddie Mair who hosts BBC Radio 4’s PM news hour. He is silky smooth, a highly capable radio host and an intelligent, persistent interviewer whose voice often betrays a delightful sense of humour, a warm chuckle, and occasionally, gentle mockery, as in his interview with a squirming Boris Johnson (see: Boris Johnson plays the ‘What people really want to know’ card — futilely.)

This morning (NZ Time) he introduced a two-way report by PM’s business editor on the latest Bank of England quarterly inflation report (kind of like the Reserve Bank’s interest rate guidance statement).

The segment is (in my view) a comedy classic, paying tribute to a former BBC colleague who now works as media liaison for the Bank. It’s wonderful. Listen here:

MP3 file

See what I mean? Fabulous.*

– P

* And reminds me of the Rowan Atkinson sketch, ‘This is Hell. I am the Devil’ on his album Live in Belfast.

PS Notice the reference to lawyers. (No offence Jay, Tony, Ben & Earl.)