The question: ‘WHO is trying to clean up Judith Collins’ Wikipedia “reputation”?’ continues to intrigue. (See my earlier post: Suppressing free speech and editing Wikipedia. Is that why we pay taxes, Mrs Collins?)
Suppressing free speech
Tonight, investigative reporter Phil Taylor had this to say in the NZ Herald

Click to read Phil Taylor's article at

Click to read Phil Taylor’s article at

Is that a drawbridge I hear being pulled up?

The Herald sent a message to Clarke43 via his user page, asking him to phone the reporter for this article. The message was deleted from his page within 30 minutes and Clarke43 had not made contact by press time.
We would have asked him to identify himself and declare any political affiliations. Collins’ office told the Herald it does not know who Clarke43 is.

Interestink. For the record. #WhoisClarke43?

– P

Update 13/7/13:
Someone’s just reminded me of this Trace Hodgson Correction: Sharon Murdoch cartoon from last year, when Mrs Collins was pursuing defamation action against a couple of Opposition MPs whose speculation about a leaked Michelle Boag email she said damaged her reputation …

Kinda fits with the JC press sec sock-puppet sanitising Wikipedia, dunnit?