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Perfect Symmetry, Episode 8

The ring of Supercentenarians closed-in about us.  Simon and Margret took up defensive positions.  I signaled for them to stand down.  As threatening as their behavior was I felt sure they would not harm us.  For what could be their purpose in doing so?  All the same I did not want to show any aggression, […]

Perfect Symmetry, Episode 7

How was this possible? It was not – but then… Here in his hand was the proof. Its truth was unarguable. James was stunned.  The dream with the Fleet Council Chairman Tilney: Tilney had been a friendly; gray-haired, middle-aged man in his seventies. He had an easy and genuine smile. So unlike what he thought […]

Perfect Symmetry, Episode 6

James shuffled slowly to the edge of the railing.  He was afraid of what he might find.  No human could survive in this atmosphere without the proper apparel.  The girl had been wearing a dress of all things!  Something like one might wear to the summer picnic at the lake!  James gripped the railing, knocking […]

A Hospital Story

There was a woman who was dying in a hospital; a double organ transplant gone wrong. Six months now her body had wasted away. Eighty pounds in weight now and her entire lifetime allotment of anti-rejection shock-drug therapy used up. After four exploratory surgeries to untangle this and untie that, everybody was at a loss. […]

Playing with numbers

I thought perhaps I might sell my home, and so, I decided to do a little research on when historically the best time might be vs. the best historical sales price that might be obtainable. From the R100 Market Facts page at the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand web site: I downloaded all […]


I love the sound of the word Vendetta! Vendetta! Say it with me, Vendetta! It has such a lovely ring to it. It almost feels as if you’re in Italy, with a great big knife, pumping it in and out of your worst enemy’s chest. Vendetta! Vendetta! Vendetta! But the word itself, dissected by dictionary […]

The Internet, Robin Hood, and his Merry Men

Let me tell you a fairy tale, if I may. There was once a man named Robin Hood and he had a band of Merry Men, and yes there was also a Sherriff of Nottingham, and a contingent of motley Hench men. One day Robin Hood and his Merry Men did something very bad and […]


Once, in a hotel in California, I stepped onto an elevator in which a large well-dressed black man, and his equally large wife, stood. “Going down?” the man asked. “Yes, thank you,” I answered. Quietly the elevator slid downwards. The couple did not know me and so had stopped their private conversation. Because, I did […]

Future Think

While the current world economic crisis is definitely one for the record books one wonders what history will say of this meltdown? Was it predictable? Were there signs? And if there were signs why did the people of the first decade of the 21st Century not follow them? With hindsight as a guide it would […]