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Ha! I found this funny:

I googled the term ‘disvalidation‘ this morning (I know it’s not a real word, but wanted to see if it was used, you’ll see why in a later post on the Filter Bubble) … and saw a web result that, on a glance, I thought had the word ‘education’ in the URL (like, you know, my own www.empowereducation.com)

… but oops, no, it was www.fastseduction.com … a site selling tips for picking up women (I guess) and their result was mildly interesting (caution).

But what struck me was the ads — and what they say about the sort of person who intentionally visits that site. What do you think an aspiring PUA (pick up artist – retch) and someone in the market for professional ‘gambler training’ could have in common?

A risk-taker’s gene? Or a gullibility gene?

Just made me chuckle.

– P

Oh, and if you think I’m imagining the link, look (don’t click):