Two communications arrived in my in-boxes a day apart … and I couldn’t help but see them as similar.

Property spruikers Sean Wood and Steve Goodey are soooo keen to get you along to their hyperbolic sales pitch that if you buy a ticket to attend (instead of getting one free from an affiliate, or the buy-one-get-one-free deal they’ll probably trot out any minute?) … and stay the entire day (groan) … they’ll put you ‘in the draw for a chance to win a $400,000 house!’ (Terms and Conditions apply) — well, naturally.

Exhibit A – Sean Wood/Steve Goodey marketing email:

Promotion for the Sean Wood Steve Goodey roadshow. Sit through it and you might win extra cheese.

And you can surely trust those two, can’t you? I mean, ask yourself: When have either of those blokes ever said or done anything that could be described as remotely shonky? (Sean Wood | Steve Goodey)  (What’s that? Blue Peak?)

But, lucky for me, I don’t need to waste my time with those two wide boys merely to go ‘in the draw for a chance’ to win a house ‘worth’ NZ $400,000. Look at the GREAT NEWS I got by text message yesterday:

Exhibit B — ‘Global Mobile Lotto Draw’ text message

Oh boy! Winning US$500,000 was the first I'd ever heard about this! (Thank you Easter Bunny.)

Terrific!  I don’t even remember entering — and no (Terms and Conditions apply) …. yowser!

So what is it about ‘Dr Murphy’ and, more significantly, the recycyled-Richmastery spruikers Sean Wood and Steve Goodey that they seem to equate property investing with a ‘lucky draw‘? (See below.)

I remember about five minutes ago when Steve Goodey was hooked up with a different spruiker Dean Letfus and self-proclaimed internet wunderkind Shaun Stenning in the (now defunct?) NZ Property Guru’s [sic], they were ‘giving away’ Colour TVs as lucky prize draws for people who managed to sit through their entire buy-one-ticket-and-get-one-free hyperbolic sales spiel.

Later, Steve Goodey offered this bait for a different ‘property investing’ (ahem) event:Exhibit C — Steve Goodey marketing email

There’s only 48 tickets left and I’m giving you a chance to win 1 of 3 brand new Apple iPads if you book your tickets before Thursday 4 Nov 10am. That’s right everyone who’s invested in tickets by Thursday 4 Nov at 10am will go in the draw to win one of three brand new Apple iPads at this event….

Throughout the weekend we will be ramdomly [sic] drawing out tickets for these iPads. You must be the room [sic] to win so make sure you arrive early on Saturday morning because you just never know when the first iPad will go!

Oh boy, Steve! A chance to go into the draw for a chance to win an iPad? Wow.
But wait, there’s more!

… Until then… Happy Property Investing [Comment: See?]

Steve Goodey

P.S. Remember when you book today you also go in the draw to win these cool prizes as well…
1. A FREEHOLD section in Memphis Tennessee that is yours to keep, sell or build on!

Just think after spending two days learning some great new property investing strategies you could also walk away with a piece of freehold land in Elvis’ home town.

Is that exciting or what?
As the king of rock ‘n’ roll would say “Thank you very much!”
Grab your chance to win here – -> [domain]

WHO are they targeting with this sort of promotion? Let me share this …

A search for the gullible?

Impetus for a 'prize draw'?

Some questions: 
Does a ‘prize draw’ offer like this somehow attract the kind of people more likely to sign up for the get-rich-quick schemes these smooth-talking operators have a history of peddling like carnival barkers (whomever they’re partnered up with this week)?

Are they looking for a group of gullible, greedy people, just as Ron Tandberg’s terrific cartoon suggests? Does a ‘prize draw’ offer like this help attract a crowd of such people?
It must do, I guess.

Which raises another question: How much money do the salesmen expect to milk make out of that assembly of punters as a payoff … so that they can afford to ‘give away’ $400,000 worth of anything … assuming the prize is actually won?

– P

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