Smearing the Greens — a side-splitting comedy routine from Matthew Hooton

STAND UP COMIC Matthew Hooton — he works part-time as a political commentator — had me howling, breathless with laughter at his latest comedy routine on RadioLIVE earlier in the week.

Under the deeply ironic title of ‘The Political Panel’, talkback radio hosts Willie Jackson and John Tamihere sometimes give a platform to budding comedians like Matthew Hooton to try out their untested gaglines (you know: I *think* this is funny but what do you reckon?)

In conversation with Willie & JT and guest leftie Matt McCarten, here’s Matthew Hooton trying out his farcical mock smearing of the NZ Green Party and its leader Russel Norman.

Listen for Matthew’s rollicking and riotous gags …
Like: Russel Norman is not just a Communist but a ‘Trotskyite’, a ‘committed Marxist Leninist’ who came to New Zealand, has ‘infiltrated’ the Greens and hijacked the party, taking it over to make it look mainstream through ‘tremendous discipline’ while remaining true to his secret Leninist principles.

Hooton also riffs that Greenpeace headquarters in Amsterdam co-ordinates the entire Green movement globally! {snort!} He says not enough credit has been given to Norman for the ‘long term, committed, dedicated, almost fanatical way he has infiltrated and taken over the Green brand’. …Priceless!

Listen here:

Matthew Hooton and Matt McCarten on Willie & JT Radio LIVE MP3 file here (5:30 2.5 MB)

— courtesy of RadioLIVE 6 October 2011 (You can listen to audio of the last 7 days on

We’ve discussed Matthew Hooton before (see ‘With one swift blow, Kate knocked the wind out of the duplicitous toady …‘). I found his outrageously transparent spin/routine really funny.  He’s got a bright future in stand up comedy, in my opinion. The Billy T James of NZ political commentary?

Willie Jackson’s thigh-slapping take-down (“right wing fascist mongrels like you”) is entertaining too!

I find Willie & JT's 'Political Panel' on RadioLIVE *really* entertaining. Which one is Matthew? (pic: flickr CaitruinaM- click)

– P