Last night I was packed into a school hall with a bunch of my neighbours — not because we’d been evacuated from earthquake-damaged homes like the afflicted of Canterbury, although they were on our minds — as part of the audience of a very clever, well-written and well-delivered ‘romp through the pages of our history’.

Very funny, and I learned something. A night well spent. (click)

Te Radar’s Eating the Dog show was a delight. Packed with wit and banter, oozing with quirky facts and wry observations, this show really did have something for everyone. Raconteur and satirist Te Radar was wearing his full ‘likeable twit’ persona (and historical costume complete with #1 Shoe Warehouse women’s boots [$49.95] he revealed), skilfully navigating a multi-media show that was funny, informative and thought-provoking … and good history.

Being a sickly white liberal myself (to reclaim Winston Peters’ term as a badge of honour), I enjoyed his obvious respect for the Maori dimension of this country’s short recorded history. He weaved an honourable, fair-to-all-sides picture of some the events he discussed in his exploration of ‘the bumblers and the near-do-wells [sic], who personify the archetypal “she’ll be right” spirit that epitomises this country’.

Good on him. Get along to a show if you can. You’ll enjoy it. He’s currently on tour as a fund-raiser for Scouts, which is what last night’s gig in Howick was. There’s a Tour Schedule on his website cunningly disguised as

Nice job.