Graphic by Peter Aranyi - definition from New Oxford American Dictionary

from New Oxford American Dictionary (graphic by Peter Aranyi)

Despite what some may suspect, I’ve never been big on schadenfreude and, as noted, I despise grave-dancing.

So … I feel some concern for the collateral damage inflicted as it seems pretty clear the wheels are falling off the Shaun Stenning wagon train. In the last few days several of his former business partners, associates and [allegedly] unpaid contractors — as well as numerous buyers of his ‘products’ have come out (on a Facebook anti-Fan page) — openly declaiming the silver-tongued spruiker in damning terms …

Ian Naylor:
The guy [Shaun Stenning] is an arsehole and a pathological liar, and I’m ashamed to have been in business with him. He rips off friends, customers and partners alike, no one is safe.

Vince Tan:
This is a public notice of my disassociation with Shaun Stenning and his company. Although we are not business partner, but I’ve been helping him to do some co-presenting in events and help out in some products. Truth is I’ve been dedicating a lot of my time and money over last 9 months believing that it would be for a higher purpose but ended up being in a worse situation than before knowing Shaun. I trusted Shaun and have never chase him for payment and ended up never getting paid from any events, seminar or products that I was involved with him. I am responsible for my own misjudgment and although I do not like to make such public statement but this has finally finally hit the limit of my patience. Alex Leow was right, I really don’t like to rant out these things, but enough is enough.

Maggie Vickers:
Couldn’t agree more about the liar statement – he [Shaun Stenning] certainly has made statements to me that have been blatant lies!! Very pleased I’m not working with the guy any more. … About time someone started going public about this guy. He owes me for 3 months work. I signed a contract with him and a company that ASIC doesn’t seem to have any record of… interesting!

Unlike these former associates, I’ve never met Shaun Stenning, let alone worked with him. So I haven’t had the um, opportunity to be dazzled by his charm. I made my judgements purely on the marketing material he sprayed around the web (and the fulsome and breathless endorsements from spruikers Dean Letfus and Steve pool-of-sharks [?] Goodey — a dead giveaway from my POV) and his hilarious semi-literate bush lawyer threats more than a year ago … which I considered was ‘about time someone started going public about this guy’.* (If not earlier, but I hadn’t heard of him.)

I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me each of the ‘anti-testimonials’ above is a genuine comment or honest opinion based on personal experience.

Update: * I hope this doesn’t make me sound like a dork. I read this comment by Jason Jones (Salty Droid) who said about ‘personal development’ spruiker James Arthur Ray (on trial for manslaughter in Arizona as I write this) …

… But whatever :: I wish I would have gone to the Harmonic Wealth Weekend held in Chicago July of 2009 and hit James Ray over the head with a chair … but I didn’t. I wish I had started writing about James Ray a year earlier … but I hadn’t. These horrors not my fault either. Only one person could have prevented these deaths … and he didn’t.

… and I know how he feels.

– P